Posted 4 years ago
Would you not do the staking again? Would seem like the perfect fit no?
Posted 4 years ago*
Jon-PokerVIP: Would you not do the staking again? Would seem like the perfect fit no?

Have been thinkin about askin you! The last time it really helped me big time to grow as a player and the team was very great aswell!

But for me its not the perfect moment because I am going to be very busy the coming weeks with relocating to another city and 2 holiday vacations (Portugal and Spain :D)

ButI will reconsider in a few months if u still have place in the stable Smile

And Matt, thanks for the tips! Have to dig in the mindset part of poker aswell, im very chaotic in my head right now Wondering

Posted 4 years ago*
Guess its time for an update! Haven't been able to put in a lot of hands because I was and am still very busy in May.
I have registered on an second website (europebet) but not sure if i will continue playing there because the rake is very high Sad
But its soft as hell Laugh

Here are my results thus far!

This is on Betsafe:
Attached Image

This is on Europebet ( The currency is not in euro's but in GEL currency 100GEL=38 Euro)
Attached Image

Well so far so good! Winrate does not say much with this much hands played but feel pretty good about my game for these stakes.

My original goal was to move up in stakes slowly but im thinkin about just making an deposit on both sites so i have 30BI on 20NL Euro and 50NL GEL.
As it kinda starts to feel im missing value now Smile

Looking forward to June where I can put in alot more volume!
Posted 4 years ago
Looks like you are crushing mate so i guess you need to figure out what your overall win rate is inc rb and see if it is sustainable and that your beating the rake. Looks to me like you are tho.

Yeh will speak to you anytime about it...Get your holidays out the way then we can gogo.

Posted 4 years ago
Yeah still busy to consider what is best for me but well see. I will atleast clear my deposit bonus on the site Smile
Cant wait to put in some volume playing 3-5 hours a week really sucks big time!

My grind station misses me!
Attached Image
Posted 4 years ago
Where you at bro? Got this money waiting in the staking account and it's got your name on it!

You stuck in some underground live cash game or smoking to much in the hot Amsterdam sun?

Come back bro

Come back!
Posted 3 years ago*
Hey Bro,

I Missed you too haha, I have not been playing alot to be honest I play to little to hit the Staking Requirement Sad (and do fine on my own)
But when i do play i try to play 100% focussed and this brought me awesome results in terms of winrate Laugh
I want to show u guys my stats since June 2015:
Attached Image

This is basically done with very ABC poker but I have discovered a site full of fish where i dont need to do lots of crazy stuff to get a decent winrate :P.

I plan to play 20k hands every month from now on and hopefully just get a nice side income no big poker WSOP Million dollar dream for me Smile
Hopefully my luck wont turn around now i have made another post xD
Posted 3 years ago
Really sick stuff man and welcome back!
Posted 3 years ago*
I'm well on track for hitting the 20k hands this month!
Started playing again since April and i am still very suprised about my winrate, i wonder how long I could keep this up! Laugh
At this moment my winrate is still above 10bb/100 Laugh and my sample size is going up as well.
Im not sure what the trick is tho, i never study the game, just try to find the best games possible.

Attached Image

Oh yeah dont look at the numbers just at the winrate because i play on sites with different currencies, my average stakes are deepstacked 30NL
Posted 3 years ago
Ha if you put 100% effort into it you will keep it up for a very long time imo!

You have always been one of the better players out there but seem to go in and out of playing live or taking long vacations. Give it your all and you will sustain this and make it to higher stakes quicker.
Posted 2 years ago
Thinking about picking up this blog to update my daily results in October.
Im planning to play 6 days a week in October to try to get up high on the OPL leaderboards and crush the cashgame tables on the side Smile
Anyone interested?
Posted 2 years ago
Look forward to seeing your progress throughout OPL @GintokiNodding Good luck! Sun
Posted 2 years ago*
Thank you @CrazyKeri I will do my best, I Wish you good luck aswell!

Just a little bit about the past months:
I will not talk a lot about my personal situation just now but to cut it short i broke up with my gf and recently bought a house and im now single with an steady job so I can basically grind every night if i feel like it.

Well over the last 14~ months i did not have a single losing month bb/100 wise.
Due to to some shot taking a did have some losing months moneywise tho Sad
Results past months:
Attached Image

As you can see i do not play a lot and i'm just an recreational player trying to play serious whenever i find the time to play this lovely game Smile

For now I have set some serious goals for the month October
I'm going to play a minimum of 5 days a week within the period of 1 October till 31 October.
This is going to be very difficult for me because I do work 50 hours a week but no excuses ;).

The times i'm going to play will always be in the evening and I am going to start up around 6-8 Cash game tables + an tourney from the OPL league as these will give huge value (

Goals October:
play 30k Cash game hands.
+6bb/100 winrate (6bb/100 is my current average over the last 100000k hands)
Top5 in the OPL league (i am not an MTT or SNG player so this will be hard work xD)

Im going to post the OPL results in this topic for my own registration + some motivation or whatever Smile

Wish me luck Wink
Posted 2 years ago*
October 1


Played 1,7k hands with an everage of 5bb/100 so im on schedule

Tonybet #21
Betfair #19

I could have reached the final table on Betfair if I wasnt so stupid to drink Beers during poker My lips are sealed
Well lesson learned i guess!

Lets see how it will go today!
Posted 2 years ago
You suck

Posted 2 years ago
Thanks Jon, guess i;m really a fish now because today I failed aswell Wink

October 2


Played 850 hands with an everage of 11bb/100 so i'm on schedule

Natural8 #23
888 #31

Pretty card dead in both mtt's and couldnt win any flips so gg ^^
Luckely i have enough days to try and make an comeback!

Posted 2 years ago
Yeh i did shite in both of those as well. Coral tomorrow!
Posted 2 years ago*
October 3

No Poker Smile
Just a long Workday from 8:30 in the morning till 8:30 in the evening.
Today Coral and some cashgames in the evening Cool
Posted 2 years ago
Wow! Yesterday was fuckin painful!:(

I was playing 8 tables cash + Betfair OPL on the side.
Everything was going smooth beeing chipleader on the Betfair Tourney with 25 players left and beeing up 2,5 Buyins with cash.
And than it Happened In the OPL after getting 2x KK in a row and winning them for huge pots i get 2x AK twice and losing them vs AA and KK.
I drop 2buyins at the Cash tables with exact the same hands!
Long story short Within a period of 5 minutes i went from beeing 2,5 buyins up to Breakeven and from chipleader to beeing eliminated for place 21 Laugh
What are the odds right?

Well results:

Played 1200 hands with an everage of 1bb/100 i'm still on schedule with my hands for this month but not with profit beeing 4bb/100 average.

Tigergaming #50ish
Betfair #21 Sad (after losing 5 in a row)

0 final tables in the OPL up till now and this is getting kinda frustrating by now -_- Variance is king!

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