10NL 44 utg

Posted 2 years ago

Heres a situation where I get lost and dont know what to do most of the time

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$0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem PartyPoker
5 Players

UTGHero $11.32
CO Player4 $6.58
D Player6 $14.27
SB Player1 $10
BB Player2 $11.02
5$0.15Hero is UTG44
Hero raises to $0.30, 2 folds, Player1 calls $0.25, Player2 calls $0.20
Player1 bets $0.64, Player2 folds, Hero raises to $1.80, Player1 calls $1.16
Player1 checks, Hero bets$2.70, Player1 calls $2.70
Final Pot$9.90

I dont always raise 44 utg especially on aggro table but this table seemed not so.
I have no reads on his donking range as never seen him before, but feel I need to raise with fd there, find a safe turn and bet enough to set up river shove, but river completes flush, even though its the backdoor flush.
What do I do here, if I shove then probably only better hands will call, if I bet small and he shoves feels bad to fold after putting in most of my stack, is it better to just check call here allowing him to bluff river even if he shoves.
A similar hand occured a couple of orbits later and yet again the river completes the flush, feels like I am missing out here somewhere.

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Posted 2 years ago
Folding pre is likely best, even at a weaker table. It’s going to be hard to turn a profit from UTG with the lower pocket pairs.

As played, raise the flop bigger. Villain has lead out for a chunky size, Iran unlikely he’s doing this on a stone bluff so almost certainly has a hand he wants to continue with.

Turn, again, go bigger here. Villain can have two main types of hands, flush draws and Tx, occasionally JT. If he has a line Tx it’s going to be difficult to get stacks in no matter what we do, if he has a flush draw we want to ensure we’re forcing him to make a mistake by calling rather than giving him a good price of 3:1 plus his implied odds, if he has JT then we’re going to get his stack regardless. Bigger here forces him to make more mistakes.

River we’ve left ourselves in an awkward spot due to how we’ve played the hand up to now. Villain has ~5$ left behind I think? Folding at this point isn’t an option for me, even with the flush draw completing. I just jam myself in this instance and hope he has a hand like JT/33. If he has a flush then so be it, we’ve allowed him to play it without make any serious blunders and need to learn from that.
Posted 2 years ago
I'd fold this preflop as mentioned above for similar reasons. On apssive table with short stack casuals in the blinds I might take a stab at a raise, might.

Flop: villain makes a decent sized bet so I go nearer a 4X raise to around the 2.50 mark. I don't fear the fold, if they do so be it and move on.

Turn: pot would now be 5.90 and I'd just ship it in. Again, I don't worry about getting folds on such a drawy board, particularly if they followed my flop play they'd be much less likely to drop out now.

River: as played I'd just sigh and shovel the chips in.
Posted 2 years ago
Assuming this was supposed to be in thread:

“Thanks guys! I t does seem as if I leaving some value on the table. A few things going on in my head. Firstly if I bet turn bigger villain has even less left on river, secondly I always thought that when raising flop it was 3x times their size, I get thats giving them 3/1. Also with bet sizing I have got confused with all this betting 1/3 pot on flop which to me is giving such great odds to the caller for all sorts of hands. Even at 10NL players are betting 1/3 pot so often. My understanding is that it enables you to c bet more of your range etc, but at 10NL arent calling ranges more inelastic? Anyway I have got lost on the bet sizing and have to work harder to get it right.”

Couple of key points here where I feel you’re lacking really fundamental information.

1) Raising 3x a raise does not equate to giving villain a price of 3:1. You cannot work out the odds you’ll be giving him based on his bet size alone, the total pot size is what is important here. For example, if villain bets $1 into $10, if you 3x his raise to $3 then he’ll be calling $2 into a pot of $14, so in this instance he’s getting. 7:1.

2) To confirm, an inelastic calling range is one which won’t change much when you vary your bet size up or down. Inelastic ranges are great to target with frequent small bets as villains will he in call or fold mode a lot, regardless of your bet size. This means you get away with c-betting a lot more with the smaller size are you get a similar amount of folds as you would with the larger size. That’s assumig that your villain does in fact have an inelastic calling range of course.

3) When you bet turn bigger then yes, villain has less on the river. This is great for us as our larger turn bet has forced our opponent to make a bad call. When we lay him a price of ~5:1 including implied odds then we’re allowing him to call and be OK with it. If we bet turn bigger we are cutting down his immediate and implied odds and if he does continue then we are printing vs him, sure we lose the same amount when he hits, but we’re winning more from him the majority of the time when he misses.
Posted 2 years ago
Yes it was supposed to be in thread dont know where it went to?

In this instance pot was 0.9 and he bet 0.64 and I raised to 1.80 so in this instance he is getting 3.34/1.16 which is just short of 3/1.

I dont think I am lacking fundamentals so much as I have just got lost, due to a lack of confidence after losing for so long. I read so many articles and watch so many videos, and some stuff just contradicts what I have learned. I have lost my way completely especially c betting, when to and when not to, how big or small etc. I should really give it up but being disabled and not able to work I have nothing to do all day. I do feel that one day I will piece all the little bits together but at my age Im running out of time, lol

Thanks for your help and posts Ferrberger

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