5NL - JJ (odd line vs. villain on Turn)

Posted 1 year ago

Anon. I thought villain's line was odd. At these stakes on this site, the min 3Bet pre is almost always super value weighted KK+ with the occasional random/stupid hand. But overbets/shoves and even pot sized bets can either be value heavy or trying to get a fold. Had to post this one for some feedback...

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$0.02/$0.05 Zone No Limit Holdem Ignition
6 Players

UTG+1 UTG+1 $4.87
CO UTG+2 $2.45
D Dealer $2.63
SB Small Blind $5.34
BBHero $5
6$0.07Hero is BBJJ
2 folds, UTG+2 raises to $0.15, 1 fold, Small Blind raises to $0.40, Hero calls$0.35, UTG+2 folds
Small Blind checks, Hero bets$0.47, Small Blind calls $0.47
Small Blind goes all-in $4.47, Hero?

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Posted 1 year ago
I would just cold 4b or fold this hand BBvSBvCO. I don't like overcalling 3bets anyway. If I have a hand I want to play I just cold 4bet it. I think it would depend on how much you think SB is 3betting. If they are doing typical SBvCO depolarized range at 10-12% then I think you can cold 4b this and probably fold to a jam. If he is 3betting less than that than you might be able to fold it pre. If I were deep I would consider overcalling.

Not sure what is correct as played. In game I would probably just call, cuz I would be like WTF this makes no sense, but not sure that is correct. As I said I don't play an overcall 3b strat, so I am not sure what your range looks like here. MDF is ~31%, so in a vacuum you need to defend ~31% to not be exploitable to this guy just overbet jamming any two cards on the turn like this. Practically, not sure that matters. If he plays similar 3b strat SBvCO as I do, he can have 9 combos of Tx and 18 combos of QQ+. Would he just overbet jam all of those on turn after check callin. IDK. Just think you will have a hard time finding enough bluffs so you would need him to be spazzing alot. You would think he would just bet out any Tx+ that he had on the flop, so this just looks like a picked up flush draw trying to get folds. Not sure I could lay this down.

I think this is the problem with overcalling 3bets. Your range looks like exactly what it is. Mid pocket pairs trying to set mine with some suited broadways and connecters mixed in, none of which hit this board at all. You are super capped here and any thinking player will recognize that and can just make your life hell by doing shit like this. Not saying this guy is a thinking player, we don't know, just pointing out.

If you had cold 4b and he called then you can be pretty confident that he doesn't have much Tx, as most of it, I think, would fold to your cold 4b. The QQ+ would just 5b jam all in pre, most of the time. So if he did this on the flop or turn in the 4b pot you could feel much more confident that your hand is good. Plus the SPR will be 1 or less so the money will be going in

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