Posted 4 years ago

Hi guys, this villain is fish and very agrr in turn, what do you think? check in turn?

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$0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem Prima
5 Players

UTG sevgiugur1 $12.88
CO F1sh4Sharkz $10.65
DHero $20.37
SB Red_Giant $11.72
BB Bakourin $26.95
5$0.15Hero is BTNJA
sevgiugur1 calls $0.10, F1sh4Sharkz calls $0.10, Hero raises to $0.50, 1 fold, Bakourin calls $0.40, sevgiugur1 calls $0.40, F1sh4Sharkz calls $0.40
Bakourin checks, sevgiugur1 checks, F1sh4Sharkz checks, Hero bets$1.55, Bakourin folds, sevgiugur1 calls $1.55, F1sh4Sharkz folds
sevgiugur1 checks, Hero bets$3, sevgiugur1 goes all-in $10.83, Hero ??

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Posted 4 years ago*
If they are a fish, then I like the turn as I can see Qx, worse Ax and gutshots calling again, by checking we kind of get a free showdown as they'll often check to us on the river.

I'm folding once they raise, will always be two pair or better.

I would have made the flop cbet a little smaller to give us more room on the turn to make bets as the SPR is pretty big on the turn now. I think even $1-$1.20 is fine as there's no real draws so we are not giving anyone good odds to call.
Posted 4 years ago
How aggressive is he? Because I can actually see bet/calling the turn vs. some maniacs but overall I like what @Harvie siad. I think bet/folding and bet/calling are both better options than check/calling here vs. recreational player.
Posted 4 years ago
Looks good if you folded. TP won't be good after 4way flop here like 85% of time, so b/f seems right to me.

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