QTs in NL 4

Posted 1 year ago

Villain slightly laggy but not crazy
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$0.02/$0.04 No Limit Holdem iPoker
5 Players

UTG Tableleg1 $1.65
CO SevkaBurka $5.65
D moheetakamon1 $4.51
SB Evivot $4
BBHero $6.20
5$0.06Hero is BBJ6
Tableleg1 calls $0.04, 1 fold, moheetakamon1 calls $0.04, 1 fold, Hero checks
Hero checks, Tableleg1 bets $0.04, moheetakamon1 raises to $0.16, Hero calls$0.16, Tableleg1 calls $0.12
Hero checks, Tableleg1 checks, moheetakamon1 checks
Hero bets$0.43, Tableleg1 calls $0.43, moheetakamon1 goes all-in $4.31, Hero goes all-in$5.57, Tableleg1 goes all-in $1.02
Final Pot$12.38
Hero shows J6
Tableleg1 shows 46
moheetakamon1 shows JT

moheetakamon1 wins $10.19 (net +$5.68)
Hero collects$1.69 (net -$4.55)
Tableleg1 lost $1.65

should I do something different?

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Posted 1 year ago*
I think i just fold it. You are never calling here and winning the whole pot. At best you will only get about 40% of the pot and the rest of the time mohee has JT and you lose 112bb. It seems wierd for him to have JT in this spot with him raising the flop with basically just 2 overs and a BDSD, then when he picks up the gutshot he doesn't continue betting, but people at micros do some weird shit.

Edit: in spot like this might be nice to delete the results as well. Easy for us to say we would fold it when we can see he had JT.

Also title for me, says QTs but hand i see is J6s in a 3way limped pot
Posted 1 year ago
upsi, cant edit the title... gave away villains hand Smile
Posted 11 months ago
I like the river bet but after the caller you get shoved at, it makes a fold trivial 3 handed for me.

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