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Posted 4 years ago

Hi guys just signed up and i'm looking for a new site , I have been looking at black chip poker and i read that the vip scheme there is on the dealt rake method is that still true ? .

Can anyone advise me what would be a better option for multi tabling say 6-9 tables , am i better off with 27% on black chip on dealt or would betfair at the 35% + bank job promotion be better on weighted contributed. I'm only really looking for a general idea not to specific.

Thanks so much.


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Posted 4 years ago*
HI @LFCchris

Firstly a big welcome to PokerVIP! Smile

Blackchip Poker works off of the same weighted contributed rake method as Betfair and returns at Betfair are higher, so if it is overall return %s you are looking for, you will be better off with Betfair. However it all depends what you are looking for, if you would like some nice returns along with softer games, I would recommend you give Microgaming a try.

We have some nice deals there like Betvictor for instance, where you get 30% rakeback through top VIP level upgrade for life + 200% up to $1000 first deposit bonus clearing at 20% + $55k PokerVIP Top 500 Rake Race with average returns of 15%. So you will be looking at a total of around 65% there and the games will be considerably softer then ipoker. You can multi table there and traffic is good through micro-small stakes.

What games and stakes do you play? And what country are you in?
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Keri i play pretty much exclusively 6 max cash nl holdem and i'm in the UK. I haven't played for many years so i'm looking to start from scratch , so i bought hem 2 and now i'm looking to work on my game. I'm just looking for a good deal of some softer games.

Would you say Bet victor is as soft as Bet 365 premium tables , i have looked into bet 365 and the games do look very soft but i'm not sure about there vip program , i'm not sure how they compare to other sites.

Posted 4 years ago
I think both would be very good choices for you. Bet365 as you mentioned has the exclusive tables which are very soft and I would certainly recommend. Betvictor also offers anonymous tables which you should find nice and profitable, even the regular tables there are soft. Perhaps it would be a good idea to give them both a try and see which you prefer? Or if you like to multi lobby, these would be two great options.

As you are from the UK, I have to mention Sky Poker. Possible that you already have an account there, but if not I would suggest you give the games there a try as they are some of the best available in the UK for cash. They do not allow HUDs there, but this again adds to the fact that the players there are more recreational and therefor the games are softer.

Also Unibet, along the same lines as Sky, no HUDs, aimed at recreational players, you can change your screen name there up to 3 times per day, this would be a great choice for you too. Both Sky and Unibet are also included in the rake race.

If you would like some help getting set up when you make your decision, please feel free to add me on Skype to chat direct keri.pokervip or PM me on here and I will be happy to assist you.
Posted 4 years ago
How does your deal work on bet 365 i see you offer 35% but is that on there vip scheme or flat ? , i have an account on there already but as far as i know its not tracked to an affiliate.

Posted 4 years ago
Our deal there is up to 35% through VIP rewards, there is no rakeback for Bet365 unfortunately. Is your account active? It is fairly difficult to get retags on Bet365, but PM me your details and I will see what we can do.

Otherwise I would recommend you give Betvictor a shot, I am confident you won't be disappointed! Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Just downloaded bet victor through vippoker , taking a look now. Do you get upgraded on 365 like on Betfair to a higher lvl or anything or do i have to keep making the lvls each month ? ill send the info now as'well.
Posted 4 years ago
I cant pm atm.
Posted 4 years ago
No unfortunately there is no upgrade for Bet365. Probably best to go with Betfair and Betvictor then if you are already on Bet365. You can email me over your details if you don't have Skype and I will get you set up right away. I just need your screen names (names at the tables, not logins) + emails used to register. Both accounts you get a top VIP level upgrade which gives you the rakeback. Any question let me know.

Email - keri@pokervip.com
Posted 4 years ago
still cant PM at the moment , do bet victor normal tables allow huds ? not that that's a huge issue i'm useless with them any way lol.
Posted 4 years ago
LFCchris: still cant PM at the moment , do bet victor normal tables allow huds ? not that that's a huge issue i'm useless with them any way lol.

Thick head she said email not pm Smile , email sent.
Posted 4 years ago
Email received and replied to @LFCchrisSmile

And yes they do allow HUDs on Microgaming, even the anonymous tables (you will not see the actual HUD of course, but hands track there also)
Posted 4 years ago
One other quick question , are all the tables on bet victor bad beat tables if you opt in , and would you you recommend opting into it.
Posted 4 years ago
Yes they do a bad beat jackpot at Betvictor. The choice is totally yours, I wouldn't like to recommend either way really Smile

Some more info on that here.
Posted 4 years ago
Do i need any bonus codes when i deposit , silly questions over with "for now" :).
Posted 4 years ago
No there is no code for Betvictor @LFCchris - And no worries at all Smile
Posted 4 years ago
I don't seem to be able to create threads in the HH or any other section at the moment , any ideas ?
Posted 4 years ago
Once you have been a member for 7 days and have made 10 forum posts, you will be able to create new threads/ use the PM function. This is put in place as a spam prevention.
Posted 4 years ago
does vip poker cash in the points weekly or monthly or do i redeem the rakeback myself whenever i want ?. Don't want to be cashing in points and mess anything up.

Posted 4 years ago
Hi @LFCchris

For Betvictor you can cash in points at anytime before the end of the month. You get a top VIP level up grade to diamond tier, which gives you the 30%.

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