Partypoker Account Verification with slightly changed name

Posted 4 years ago

I signed up for Partypoker via PokerVIP, but had to change my name a little bit, becuase it wasn't my first one. Now I want to withdraw a bit of my money on the account and need to send a copy of my ID to verify my dates. Obviously on my ID card there is my real name and not the changed one. Will I have any problems, if I send this to them or do they accept it? It would be terrible not to be able to withdraw the hard earned money Sad

I hope, you can help. Thanks a lot!

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Posted 4 years ago
Just send it and explain you forgot your old details so created a new one. They will close it immeditaely and make you play on your original account but they will PROBABLY give you your funds as long as it is say only changed from David to Dave for example. They wont if you have used a completely different name though. That said they do have the option of confiscating funds and any winnings due to a breach of t and c's.They are normally good though but why do it in the first place.
Posted 4 years ago*
Its OK, don't worry at all. Party have allowed us to let old accounts create new ones under different details. You should not have any issues with this. If you do however, all you need to do is let us know your details and we will sort it for you no problem. Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Keri,quick question and a legit one rather than trying to wrile you.How can you as a reputable affiliate and growing massively encourage breaking of t and cs and multi accounts? Surely this is wrong somehow.Its ok as you want to get the rake etc I understand that but you have basically said its ok to alter names and bypass party terms and systems.
Posted 4 years ago
Because Party have allowed us to do this. Definitely not breaking their T&Cs Smile
Posted 4 years ago
Smile No definitely NOT!!

Advise you to go read them!
Posted 4 years ago
We work closely with Party and trust me when I say they have allowed us to do this. We would not be advertising it on our site and posting it to our forums otherwise.
Posted 4 years ago*
No sorry your right,It clearly says PokerVIP can advertise and encourage multiple accounts. Apologies.


The name on Your Account must match Your true and legal name and identity and the name on Your Account registration must match the name on the credit card(s) or other payment accounts used to deposit or receive monies into Your Account. To verify Your identity, We reserve the right to request satisfactory proof of identity (including but not limited to copies of a valid passport/identity card and/or any payment cards used) and satisfactory proof of address (including but not limited to a recent utility bill or bank statement) at any time. Failure to supply such documentation may result in suspension or closure of Your Account and We may withhold the account balance in Your Account until You supply such documentation and our verification process is completed satisfactorily. You may not hold more than one (1) Account in connection with Your use of the Platforms. If You have more than one (1) Account or Accounts in different names, then You must contact Us immediately to have Your Accounts managed so that You only have one (1) Account. We reserve the right to close Your Account(s) if You open multiple Accounts. Should We have reasonable grounds to believe that multiple Accounts have been opened with the intention to defraud Us, We reserve the right to cancel any transaction related to said fraud attempt. If You have lost Your Account name or password, please contact Us for a replacement.

Wether they have said its ok is irrelevant,you shouldnt be advertising the fact on a worldwide platform. Perhaps in private is my point.
Posted 4 years ago

Any issues just add keri.pokervip and she will take care of them for you.

As for the accounts to clarify Party.Bwin allow new accounts to be made under special circumstances or to be tagged to affiliates again under special circumstances.



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