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Posted 4 years ago

How does sharing action, staking etc. work for everyone on I've seen Skrill mentioned in the forums but not much else. I'm not a novice to concept of sharing action and such in live games around me but online I'm admittedly a novice.

P.S And are there any downsides to using Skrill? overzealous fees or freezes. I've historically used a netspend prepaid debit card and the fees with it can get quite ridiculous at times.

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Posted 4 years ago
Skrill is a must for any poker pro. Reasonable fees and flexability if you can get a VIP account.
Posted 4 years ago
The majority of staking on here is done via The Pokerstars client.Check out the Marketplace.

As for Skrill,it's great for transferring money from site to site without long delays,literally is normally back into Skrill within hours enabling transfers to different sites without hassle. There is no actual fee for depositing or uploading funds to Skrill,but there is for withdrawals to bank accounts.

There is also a 1% fee on payments to email other people.

The small charges are by far outweighed by the ease and efficiency of Skrill.
Posted 4 years ago
Hey @M0nolith good post.

Just a quick headsup for discussion type threads I would post them in future in this area of the forum - General Discussion. No big deal but basically more people will see it as this support area is for poker rooms and our sales/support guys.

Anyways onto your question. I have 10 years of buying, sell, swapping and staking so I hope this answers a few of the questions.


Simply put people who rate themselves equally before a tournament starts will swap some equity. So normally you will swap 10% with one another. What this means is then if you cash and your friend doesn't you give him 10% of that amount. It basically gives people more to sweat for and limits the variance slightly. If you have heard something like "I am all swapped out" in say a live EPT TV show they may have swapped 5 or 10% with 5 or so different people. It just makes it more fun, gives you more shots of winning and when multiple people go deep it could be a huge payday.


Simple people will sell for a few reasons

- They are not bankrolled for an event/Taking a shot.
- Want to limit variance.

So if an event is £1000 and they are selling at 'cost' then simply put 10% -= £100. Then if this persons does not cash the investor loses that £100 and it is forgotten. If he goes onto cash he then owes 10% of whatever that amount is to his investor.

Now you may have heard of mark up. So something you may see a lot of is "Selling at 1.2". What this means effectively is that they are selling 10% of their action but it costs you 12%. The reason many people do this is they figure they have a 20%+ advantage over a field, wanting to sell lots so it costs them little or it is just what they have read/heard of before. So that 10% at cost of a £1k is £100 but at a 1.2 markup is £120. If said seller then cashed for £1000 the investor gets £100 back.


Covered most of this above but the reasons to buy are normally pretty straight forward

- Rate the players chances.
- Treat it as an investment.
- Gamble.
- Fun.

So you can basically sit in your arm chair, have a piece of someone who you think is good, has a chance and can win a ton of money.

We have a marketplace Here where people buy, sell and swap for both online and live events. We invest on average $2000 per month. You should take a look and give it a try.

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