Tigergaming FDB - Wrong information in deals section ?

Posted 4 years ago

Homepage of Tigergaming shows:

Get 100% of your deposit to play your favorite poker games. Simply make a deposit of $100 or more, up to $2,500 and play at your preferred tables and 20% your bonus
will be released every time you earn the required POP points.
What: 100% first time deposit bonus.
Games: Texas Hold'em ring games, Texas Hold'em tournaments, Omaha ring games.
Bonus Maximum: $2,500.
Hand Requirements: Each stage is released when a player earns 6.6 POP points for every
$1 deposited. For example, on a deposit of $100, a player will receive $20 every time they earn 606 POP points.

This is different to the information shown here at PokerVIP.
Which one is correct ?

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Posted 4 years ago
Hi @Migo14

Can you confirm where you saw the wrong information on the site please? I checked the deals page and it was not incorrect, but I have added in some more info so the terms are clearer, see here.
Posted 4 years ago
Well, if I am not wrong, this bonus does not clear at a rate of 55% (or how do you calculate this?)
For a deposit of $ 100 I receive $ 20 of the bonus when I earn 606 POP points.
606 POP points equals to $ 60,60 in rake.
So the clerance rate is around 33% or am I wrong here ?
Posted 4 years ago
Hi @Migo14

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You are in fact correct and Tiger have very recently changed their bonus requirements. This has now been fully updated on the deals page to reflect this.


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