What would you recommend as 5c/10c site? How fast does the bonus clear?

Posted 3 years ago

I played poker during university, stopped for a while, now did some training on stars and want to deposit now
a real bankroll for 5c/10c, something around 200-400$.

Being of off the poker community for a while, I haven't claimed any sign up bonuses except for the older sites (partypoker, pokerstars, full tilt).

Given my limit, how long does it take to clear a bonus when playing cash games? Which site would you recommend? I heard 888 is pretty good.


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Posted 3 years ago
Hey @thedarkcoder What country are you in? Let me know and I will check first which sites you are eligible for.
Posted 3 years ago
Germany ...
Posted 3 years ago*
Yep 888 is not a bad shout. The bonus there is 100% up to $400, clears at 20% rakeback equivalent and you have 90 days to clear which is a good amount of time. WIth our deal you also get $10 free when you deposit using the code PT10FREE + up to 36% rakeback through VIP rewards + 888 promos.

Also there is Unibet which I would recommend. I'm playing micro cash there at the moment and the games are super soft. The bonus there is €200 new player bonus (no specific deposit amount needed) and it clears at 24% with 60 days to clear. You will also get up to 60% through VIP rewards + $75,000 rake race (average extra 10% rakeback) + Unibet promos.

Coral is also a good choice for 5-10nl on ipoker network. You will get 30% rakeback there + 100% up to £200 first deposit bonus clearing at 27% with 90 days to clear + £20 free MTT tokens + $75,000 rake race (average extra 10% rakeback) + ipoker promos.

There are other sites with larger bonus amounts, but as you are playing 5-10nl, these would be my recommendations for you to realistically clear the entire bonus. The other rooms are then open for you to move over to once you have a bigger bankroll. Nodding
Posted 3 years ago
Is there a rule of thumb of how many hands one needs to play (6-handed) to clear the bonus (I know, it depends on style etc.)?
Posted 3 years ago
Do you know how much you rake per month on average?
Posted 3 years ago
Like if a bonus clears at 24% and you rake $100, you will get $24 back out of that $100 paid rake.
Posted 3 years ago*
It should be about $5-10 rake per 1000 hands played at 10nl. Obviously it totally depends on the sites rake structure etc, but Id say thats about right
Posted 3 years ago
Thanks four your advice, I'll go for unibet!
Posted 3 years ago
Good choice. Might see you at the tables then! Laugh

If you need help with getting set up just drop me a PM or you can add me on Skype on Keri.PokerVIP - good luck!

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