Check out Mr I hate folding here...

Posted 4 years ago

I understand he might have been a maniac who tries to bluff-raise with a wide range, especially seen as my stats said I was a tight player, I was card dead this session...but why does he CALL my shove???

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Posted 4 years ago
AH, I just realised Stars has one of these challenges, "Win a ZOOM hand with 27"....
Posted 4 years ago
I couldn't help but notice that you weren't full stacked....tut tut Cheeky Or do you play SS?
What do you get if you win the challenge? I'm sure its not worth losing your stack 80% of the time for lol
Posted 4 years ago
hehehe, I don't auto top up. I will re-load when it drops to 50bb or thereabouts, I'm fairly comfortable playing short stacked, although I do like the extra room for manoeuvring at 100bb.

When my game is in better shape I'll start auto-topping up but I'm quite up and down at the minute and I find it easier to track my stop/loss if I have the auto-top up turned off.

Yeah, all you win is a ticket to a freeroll...still need to get through that donk-fest to win anything tangible...
Posted 4 years ago
Yeah....definitely looks like he is playing for the 27o promo. Tbh it should have been possible to win with 27o without the need to do anything crazy.

Our hand is not that great facing a cold-4bet at these limits but given the starting effective stack size it should be pretty easy to get the money in.

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