Regular Backing Opportunity

Posted 1 week ago

Hi guys,

Just gauging interest really in a potential ongoing regular MTT package backing.

What I'm thinking is 2 nights a week playing, between 10 and 15 tournaments each session, mainly PLO with some NLHE bounty builders thrown in as well. Will be across Pokerstars and PartyPoker, not had a proper look at the schedule yet - Party have a new MTT schedule coming out at the beginning of March so need to see that first and will probably start it after that.

I'd probably do it on a 4-week rolling basis, so 4 weeks paid for at the start, then at the end of the 4 weeks backers can then take their percentage / take the profits and reinvest / top-up to reinvest again. All will be updated at the end of each session here and I'll likely start a new Journey thread as well.

So yeah, just gauging interest, and I'll probably thrown in a couple of sessions over the next couple of weeks to get back into it and also as a bit of a trial so can tinker before starting it properly.

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Posted 1 week ago
I'd be interested.
Posted 1 week ago
Thanks Ovi Smile

Played a live Omaha tournament tonight and came 2nd, after finishing 3rd in a NLHE tournament in a different casino yesterday, so I'm feeling confident at the minute! Hopefully it will transfer across into online.

Will have a look at some schedules over the next couple of days and I'd prob sell up to around 40-50% (no MU) and the plan would be to increase the buy-ins/volume every 4 weeks or smth.

Posted 1 week ago
yeh always up for looking.

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