Regular Backing Opportunity

Posted 2 years ago

Hi guys,

Just gauging interest really in a potential ongoing regular MTT package backing.

What I'm thinking is 2 nights a week playing, between 10 and 15 tournaments each session, mainly PLO with some NLHE bounty builders thrown in as well. Will be across Pokerstars and PartyPoker, not had a proper look at the schedule yet - Party have a new MTT schedule coming out at the beginning of March so need to see that first and will probably start it after that.

I'd probably do it on a 4-week rolling basis, so 4 weeks paid for at the start, then at the end of the 4 weeks backers can then take their percentage / take the profits and reinvest / top-up to reinvest again. All will be updated at the end of each session here and I'll likely start a new Journey thread as well.

So yeah, just gauging interest, and I'll probably thrown in a couple of sessions over the next couple of weeks to get back into it and also as a bit of a trial so can tinker before starting it properly.

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Posted 2 years ago
I'd be interested.
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks Ovi Smile

Played a live Omaha tournament tonight and came 2nd, after finishing 3rd in a NLHE tournament in a different casino yesterday, so I'm feeling confident at the minute! Hopefully it will transfer across into online.

Will have a look at some schedules over the next couple of days and I'd prob sell up to around 40-50% (no MU) and the plan would be to increase the buy-ins/volume every 4 weeks or smth.

Posted 2 years ago
yeh always up for looking.
Posted 2 years ago
So think I might start this. I've put together a little schedule of 9 tournaments with total buy-ins of $35

Start it small to begin with and if it goes well, increase the buy-ins/number of tournaments. It is less than I'm used to but kind of want to see how it goes for the first month.

Will do the first one for the rest of April and I will play this schedule of tournaments 6 times, basically twice a week for the rest of April. All going well I will do the same/bigger schedule/package for the whole of May. Any backers for April will have first refusal to 'renew' the backing.

18:30 - NLHE Bounty Builder - $3.30
19:09 - PLO Hi/Lo - $5.50
19:24 - 5 card PLO PKO - $7.50
20:12 - PLO Hi/Lo - $2.20
20:39 - PLO Hi - $3.30
21:04 - 5 Card PLO - $5.50
21:30 - NLHE Bounty Builder - $2.20
21:40 - No Limit Hold 'em - $3.30
21:45 - Triple Threat PKO - $2.20

So 6 sessions of this = $210

Selling up to 50%
- will play regardless of sales

10% - $21
5% - $10.50
1% - $2.10

Like I say, this is a starter one and will hopefully be playing bigger buy-in comps from May onwards ($3.30 minimum with more $5.50/$7.50s)

Stars: killjoy1987 or PM for PayPal/Bank details.

This thread (and my Blog) will be updated after each session. *Disclaimer: This isn't the only poker I'll be playing online but only these count and anything else won't be played at the same time)

Let me know your thoughts on this idea overall as well!
Posted 2 years ago
10% gone
Posted 2 years ago
I'd take 10% too , will send right away
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks Ovi! I will probably start this tonight (thursday), sending on Stars?

30% left

Posted 2 years ago
Yup, sent it on stars.
Posted 2 years ago
Received thanks, will be playing tonight Smile
Posted 2 years ago
6% to @CGPoker
Posted 2 years ago
10% sold to @fergrberger

14% left
Posted 2 years ago
5% to @Curl-1-out and 5% elsewhere.

4% left! Will make it 5 if anyone wants a round number!
Posted 2 years ago
Sold out. GL us!
Posted 2 years ago
Update from the first session last night.

Cashed in 2 comps + 1 bounty, plus one comp I didn't play due to being tilted to fuck!

Literally 5 minutes into the $5.50 5 Card PLO, we get it in on the turn for like a 400bb pot with AA on a A868 board against 86 and the guy just rivers quads!

Soon after we busted two comps pretty much simultaneously with KK against Ace Rag both times.

Cashed for a total of $16.40

Attached Image

Will let you guys know when I play the next session!
Posted 2 years ago
Second session last night, won't bore with too much details ha but we did make one final table in the $7.50 Progressive knockout 5 card Omaha which was fairly nice, ended up taking 4th

Attached Image

And total cashes last night were: $72.30 so a nice little boost to the running total
Posted 2 years ago
Outrageous carry on that I wasn’t informed this was happening via whatsapp!!!

Nicely done on the decent score!
Posted 2 years ago
fergrberger: Outrageous carry on that I wasn’t informed this was happening via whatsapp!!!

Nicely done on the decent score!

I as doing updates in the chat ACTUALLY! Laugh Same time as Ste was hitting two outers against Bryn Kenney!
Posted 2 years ago
Will play again Monday night I think
Posted 2 years ago
Played 2 sessions so far this week, Tuesday night and Wednesday night. The highlight of both nights being another 4th place finish, this time in the $5.50 Five Card PLO. Determined to get at least a third before the end of this package! Not much else to report from the two nights, a couple of cashes resulting in a small loss on this week but we are still in slight profit overall with 2 sessions to go. One of which I will get in this weekend

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