SCOOP 2018 + Extras

Posted 2 years ago

SCOOP time again on Pokerstars. Not playing much, going to play this opening Sunday, and then a few nights towards the end of the series.

Will also be playing some extra tournaments, mainly 5 Card PLO progressive knock-outs. Have final tabled this twice last month (out of 5 attempts) and like playing it. Plus a few extras as below:

Sunday 6th May
1300 - SCOOP #2 - Mini Sunday Kick Off NLHE - $11.00
1430 - Extra - Mini Marathon NLHE - $5.50
1530 - SCOOP #3 - Prog Knockout NLHE - $22.00
1604 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $11.00
1730 - Extra - NLHE Bounty Builder - $11.00
1924 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $7.50

Tuesday 15th May
1500 - SCOOP #36 - Deep Stack NLHE - $5.50
1604 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $11.00
1924 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $7.50
2000 - SCOOP #38 - Prog Knockout PLO - $5.50

Thursday 17th May
1430 - Extra - Mini Marathon NLHE - $5.50
1500 - SCOOP #44 - No Limit Hold'em - $5.50
1604 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $11.00
1800 - SCOOP #45 - Prog Knockout NLHE - $22.00
1924 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $7.50
2000 - SCOOP #46 - 8 Game - $5.50

Sunday 20th May
1924 - Extra - Prog Knockout 5 Card PLO - $7.50
2030 - SCOOP #59 - PLO Hi/Lo - $11.00
2200 - SCOOP #60 - Prog Knockout NLHE - $11.00


Small mark up to round it up to $200

Selling around 30/40%

10% - $20
5% - $10
1% - $2

Pokerstars to killjoy1987 or PayPal/Bank Transfer


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Posted 2 years ago
10% please Ash
Posted 2 years ago
Il take 10% pal, just keep whatever returns from last package n let me know what I need to send you please.
Posted 2 years ago
I'd take 10% too
Posted 2 years ago
Sold out thanks guys
Posted 2 years ago
@Ovi8fan I owe you $18.74 so difference is $1.26

@Curl-1-out I owe you $9.37 - call it an even $10 so $10 owed?
Posted 2 years ago
Alright sweetheart, will ship before Sunday, hows about making us some money this time eh eh eh eh eh Wink
Posted 2 years ago
Oops, was sure I updated this yesterday, maybe the sun got the better of me Sun

Anyway, I got off to an awful start, playing pretty much 1 hand in each of the first 2 tournaments. QQ both times, losing to 66 and then 99! Half felt like throwing the towel in!

I played on though and managed to turn it round a little bit. Was running very nice in SCOOP #3 $22 knockout, building up a stack and winning a couple of bounties but then things went a bit wrong and ended up being knocked out before the money.

We did a bit better in the $11 bounty builder, rocking up quite a few bounties and also making the money for a total of just less than $30.

The final comp was the 5 card PLO prog knock out ($7.50). Again rocked up a few bounties and made the money but was just one sick hand which could have changed it all. So we're in the money and I'm around 10th in chips with 25 left (213 entries).

I've got 10JQQA and 3-bet against a small stack that put him all in, but was also cold called by a big stack. So it's a decent pot with a bounty in there as well.

I flop the world with 789. There's a side pot so I bet around 1/4 pot to both look weak and keep him interested. He snap pots it. I get it in and he calls with KKJA (Can't remember his 5th card but it wasn't relevant).

I'm happy to see it, and even more happy on a 10 turn, I've got it locked! HUGE POT! Top 2 stack plus a bounty, I'm going to take it down!

Never celebrate too early, especially in PLO!

The PLO poker gods spin the twist of fate with the Q river, sending me to the rail for a min-cash PunchPuke

So results for the First part of the package:

Attached Image

Which is a small loss from the buy-ins which equalled $68!

Next session is a week today, so see you then!
Posted 2 years ago
Final tonight and will update later!
Posted 2 years ago
Sorry for delay, was on holiday last week, and could barely get a phone signal let alone wifi (lake district!), also ended up staying a couple of days extra

Total buy-ins: $173.30

Winnings: $101.97
Unused buyins: $26.70

Total Returns: $128.67

Each person had 10% so $12.86 to be returns which will be over the next day

Thanks again

Posted 2 years ago
@Ovi8fan can you confirm your Stars name for me please mate, I did have it somewhere but lost it Sad pretty sure I know which one it is but just to make sure!

Rest is paid
Posted 2 years ago
No worries, I'm tifetca3 Smile
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks, sent!

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