SCOOP 2018

Posted 1 year ago

Ladies and gentlemen,

I have been offered a new job and will be finishing up my current role in a month and taking a few weeks off before starting the new one. As luck would have it, this time off falls right during SCOOP!

Am considering putting together a fairly decent package for it. Will be going over the exact schedule and making some plans this weekend but wanted to get this thread up as early as possible for people to register their interest!

Obv not expecting any firm commitments since I don’t have the exact details ready yet but if you want to review them when they’re posted just drop an aul comment into the thread and you’ll get notified of any future posts!

Let’s get em!

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Posted 1 year ago
Got some time this evening so have a potential schedule put together:

Mark up included to round total package to an even $2k, will sell in 1% increments. Need to sell at least 30-40% to play, let me know if interested and for how much!
Posted 1 year ago*
Adding a proper link to Spreadsheet:
Full Package Details

41 events
Avg BI: $43
Markup: 1.14

1% = $20
5% = $100
10% = $200

Some potential for discounts for the higher bands depending on interest.
Posted 1 year ago
In due to FOMO!!
Posted 1 year ago
Good man Ash! How much you want?
Posted 1 year ago
Very good possibility I will throw in for some of this. Not a whole lot, max would prob be 5%. I will let you know as soon as I can
Posted 1 year ago
Cool! @fawltyfelix

I'll put you in the spreadsheet for the full 5% (Obviously this isn't remotely binding or anything) and will put a note beside saying you will confirm exact % in the coming weeks.
Posted 1 year ago
Cool thanks.
Posted 1 year ago
Yeh 5 for the rail
Posted 1 year ago
Booked! @Jon-PokerVIP

Up to 18% booked now with a couple of people confirming exact % in coming weeks. Looking good for getting enough sold to go ahead!
Posted 1 year ago
I would have around 3% I think, will confirm closer the time
Posted 1 year ago
Good man ash.
Posted 1 year ago
Few people haven’t given precise %’s but based on everyone’s max range we’ve gotten 31% locked up and still plenty of time obviously before we’re due to start so looking highly likely we are a go!

Looking forward to this one.
Posted 1 year ago
Go ahead and confirm me for the full 5%. I will send via Pokerstars a bit closer to the event. Never bought action before, might as well be from someone I know I can trust. Should be fun if I can find the time to sweat some events.
Posted 1 year ago
Awesome, booked! I’ll be doing my best to stream as well so you’ll hopefully be able to tune in and sweat some deep runs!
Posted 1 year ago
So we’ve gotten up to 48% with a couple of people due to confirm exact number last so could be a little lower, max I’ll sell is 50%.

There is some possibility I’ll tweak the schedule a little bit, if I do I’ll be keeping the overall buy ins the same and won’t be chancing anything significant.

In terms of the days themself, a lot of events kick off at 6pm my time. My son usually goes to bed between 7-7.30 so what I’ll likely do is late reg these events, then reg all later events from the start. Structures are all very slow so will still have a very healty stack at this point anyway.

Looking forward to this!!
Posted 1 year ago
So far we have @Corrigan11 and @PkrGremlin paid up. Going to start collecting over the coming 1/2 weeks, want to have all cash sorted prior to the first event.

Stars is a strong preference for payment for simplicity, you can send to fergrberger.

If stars is not an option for anyone just let me know and we can arrange something else.
Posted 1 year ago
Is it cool if I send at the end of this coming week. Want to see if I can grind my Stars roll up a bit. Doesn't matter if I do or not. I am 100% in for the 5% and will be sending via Stars
Posted 1 year ago
Yeh no worries! @fawltyfelix
Posted 1 year ago
Been playing cash on and off this week and absolutely delighted with how I’ve been playing overall, coming into the week prior to this feeling extremely confident which is nice! Still awaiting a handful of people to pay but have firm commitments from everyone left so we definitely have enough sold for this to go ahead.

A few points worth mentioning, all common sense but no harm flagging before we start:

1) Depending on how day 1s go I might not play 100% of advertiser tournaments. For example, if I have a deep run going I might elect not to reg something so that I can focus on the deep run. In this event I will either refund stake for that event in full with winnings (inc markup obv), or else will substitute it with a similar buy in tournament on a separate day.

2) For the evening starts at 6pm I will be late regginf events by approximately an hour as we put our son to bed at about 7 so will start playi after that. All scoops have an extremely slow structure with large starting stacks so at no point will I be late regginf an event where I am coming in short stacked, there will always be plenty of play when I start.

3) Most people have/will he paying by stars, all winnings for these will be paid back via stars. For people that have used alternative payment methods, if possible I will still use stars as it is the most straight forward. Where it is not possible, I will use whatever method you paid me by. All winnings will he withdrawn from stars in euro, so you will receive the euro cash equivalent based on stars conversion rates on the day.

Let me know if anyone has any questions/I haven’t covered anything!


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