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Three bet (3-bet)

The act of raising after an initial bet and raise on any of the four streets. In pre-flop, the three-bet is the second raise after the blind bet (Big Blind) and an initial raise of this bet. On the flop, turn, and river, the three-bet refers to a raise after an initial bet and raise.

The three-bet is considered a wager of massive strength and is generally used in situations where the player has a very strong holdings - Pre-Flop (AA,KK,QQ) and Post Flop (Flushes, Straights, Sets, Full Houses, Two Pair). The three-bet is used sometimes as a bluff or semi-bluff since it is generally perceived as a strong move.

The evolution of the poker game has seen changes in the use of the three-bet. Initially, it was used to gain extra value for strong hands such as AA,KK and strong post-flop hands like full houses and high flushes. As players improved, three-betting became a powerful bluffing tool in pre-flop, and less commonly, in post-flop play. A highly common 3-bet bluff occurs when the player on the button raises pre-flop and is met with a raise from an opponent in the blinds. This bluff relies on the perceived strength of the 3-bettor and the relatively wide and weak range of the original aggressor on the button (see position or positional play).

The proper use of the 3-bet has been an important factor in the success of players in any stake and game. It is also more common in short-handed and heads-up games.

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