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138/store/tracking-software/jivaro-hud-the-new-mtt-super-weaponJivaro Free HUD0

Jivaro Free HUD

Jivaro HUD - FREE Basic Version or $5.99 for Premium

The new Free poker HUD destined to take over PT4 and HM2. Being used by the likes of Elky, Nanonoko and PokerStaples - Jivaro has been created by an Icelandic company with a background in gaming and deep financial pockets. It's the HUD for the future, and Jivaro have a long list of awesome features planned to help them surpass current rivals.

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3/store/tracking-software/hold-em-manager-2-small-stakesHold'em Manager 2 - Small Stakes0.000
Hold'em Manager 2 - Small Stakes

“Hold'em Manager is a must have for all players serious about their poker game.”Increase your win rate as Hold'em Manager provides you with the fundamental edge needed to move up limits online. It really doesn't matter whether you're a recreational micro stakes player, or playing at some of the highest levels, HM2 will bring you all you need to enhance your personal poker experience, with deadly results.HM2's feature rich GUI takes poker tracking software to a new level. You will be using HM2 to a huge advantage in no time, as it provides real-time data helping you with every single decision on the tables. Use over 1,000 metrics within the software to study your game away from the table. The purchase of HM2 will be the best decision you ever make.Don't forget, there are fantastic add ons to enhance your game even further, such as NoteCaddy, SnG Wizard & LeakBuster.Acquire the full effect and power of HM2's industry leading software at the smaller stakes for only $59.99. Perfect for games up to 50NL and $22 Tournaments.On purchasing this product, you will receive your unique licence key via email within 24 hours.

$59.99 Download No Limits covered: .25/.$50 NL, .50/$1 Limit and up to $22 buy-in MTTs

27/store/tracking-software/coffeehud-husngCoffeeHUD - HUSNG0.000

CoffeeHUD is specifically designed for HUSNG play. The CoffeeHUD philosophy is to 'give you the maximum amount of information in the most effective ways.'CoffeeHUD gets into the nitty gritty of stat representation, not bunching together several stats out of context, as some of HUDs do. Instead of using stats avaiblable within the database software, CoffeeHUD provides custom HUSNG stats that are not available with any other software.If you are a HUSNG player, this HUD is something you can't live without. Stats contain an advanced colour coding system, which highlights extreme patterns of opponents, as well as theoretical information such as pure fold equity, Nash equilibrium ranges and more!Of course, you can also use the features provided away from the table, to study and improve your game.Jump head and shoulders above your HU opponents with this cutting edge software, made by HUSNG players, for HUSNG players.Created by HUSNG.com coach Coffeeyay and 2p2er butitswrong.Purchase Instructions:- You MUST have PT4 to use this add on.- In PT4, under help > about, there is an email address and 6 digit code.- We will contact you for this information, and your CoffeeHUD will be activated on your PT4 licence once you provide this.See CoffeeHUD in action:http://www.pokertube.com/videos/husng.com-coffeehud-poker-heads-up-display/

$101.00 Download No Optimized HUSNG HUD

21/store/tracking-software/notecaddy-holdem-manager-add-onNoteCaddy - Holdem Manager Add On0.000
NoteCaddy - Holdem Manager Add On

NoteCaddy is an add on for Holdem Manager, and aims to sharpen your edge even further.It takes relevant notes on opponents for you automatically. It does this by breaking down hand history information, as well as taking notes on significant behaviours of a player. It does not just take single or irellevant notes, this cutting edge piece of software really understands player's tendancies and patterns.Many players find note taking very tedious, although it is a very vital part of the online poker experience. Why not get rid of this tiresome task, and let NoteCaddy do all the work for you?Always have fresh reads and crush your opponents – Purchase NoteCaddy today.You must have HM to be able to add NoteCaddy.The free version of NoteCaddy, which can be downloaded here - http://www.holdemmanager.com/buy/231/note-caddy-premium---hold-em automatically generates 7 free note types across your player database. However, the premium version generates over 174 note types plus the ability to create custom ntoes.On purchasing this product, you will receive your unique licence key via email within 24 hours.

$60.00 Download No Automatic note taking at it's finest.

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