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Best Poker Podcasts

13,332 Views on 16/9/15

We've narrowed down the best poker podcasts on the web so you can spend more time listening. Learn strategy, hear about live events and more from podcasts.

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When it comes to poker podcasts you are absolutely spoiled for choice these days! You can get the latest news, views, discussions and strategy lessons on any number of platforms: Audio, video, mp3 and now even on Twitch, to name the most popular. They can be free, registration-based or subscription-based and feature everyone from the top pros to the everyday Joe’s of the poker world.

The problem is, with such an embarrassment of riches, how do you narrow things down to get the best and avoid ‘the rest’? Hopefully this run-down will point you in the right direction.

Strategy podcasts

Thinking Poker
One of the most interesting recent podcasts was hosted by Thinking PokerThis radio-style cast sees the presenters interviewing a poker pro guest (Carlos Welch in this example) and quizzing him on the alternative approach to being a poker pro he has taken (living in a small RV/campervan as he plays tournaments across the US)

Best poker podcasts Thinking Poker

With good quality audio and engaging presenters, the podcast also discusses Deep-Stack strategy and GTO issues. Lack of visuals is usually an issue when discussing the finer points of poker strategy, but the guys at thinkingpoker do a fine job of keeping things very clear.


In a similar vein, TournamentPokerEdge podcasts sees presenters Ron Fez Buddy and KillingBird discussing Borgata vs WSOP, online tournaments and issues such as how to fit in a personal life with poker playing.

Again this is a very chatty radio-style offering, and although the sound quality is somewhat variable on occasion, the content is first-class. Listening to guest pro Chris Moonexplaining the variance of tournament play versus cash games among other ‘pro’ issues was very revealing and, despite the adverts for TPE itself, this site is thoroughly recommended. 

One final strategy podcast I would recommend giving a listen is CarrotCorner on PokerTube.

An interview and discussion based show, an episode with guest (who??) was very revealing as it looked at the differences between poker in the US and Europe, the calibre of player, the cash game scene and the use of live tells, made for great listening.


Although the audio-levels could do with some fine-tuning, the very simple approach of one v one discussion seems to work well for CarrotCorner and hopefully they will expand on the current 11 episodes available. 

The friendly-sounding 2GuysTalkingPoker is part of a much-larger network of ‘2 guystalking’ themes, but this show doesn’t suffer from not belonging to a ‘poker specific’ network – if anything they gain from the professional output.


Commentators Vic Porelli and Andy Kazen bounce well off each other as they discuss news, strategy and world-wide events (though their main focus is on the US side of things).“We try to be inclusive, not exclusive,” Porcelli said. “I don’t think this show is for beginners that don’t know a flush beats a straight, but we don’t try to talk over anybody’s head and try to be cool.”

News podcasts


The PokerNews podcast is a strange affair, split as it is between poker and fantasy sports. Again the quality is high (although their Twitch stream is less so) and professionally done.


Focusing on news-worthy items as you’d expect, big tournaments and big players form a large part of the discussions. The podcasts are downloadable, so you can listen to them when and where you want. 
The 2+2 team are one of the most respected in the poker world and it should come as no surprise that their Pokercast offering (which is also available on iTunes) matches the same exacting standards.


Their weekly offering not only covers the biggest events and stories in the game, but also attracts the type of guests that would make most final tables look weak by comparison - Daniel Negreanu, Shaun Deeb and Jonathan Duhamel have all featured recently on the show.

Directories of podcasts

The PokerFuse ‘pokercast’ directory “pulls in all the best poker podcasts from the internet into one place, updated throughout the day” according to the site, and a quick glance backs up this claim.


Of course, if you just want to scan for something of interest, this kind of website is ideal. However, it isn’t discerning in any way, so you could find yourself a long way from the high-quality podcasts on this list.

Another podcast listings site is RoundersRadio which has a massive selection of content. It suffers from the same problems as above, but is a good first stop to poker players who want to see the entire range of podcasts out there

Miscellaneous podcasts


PokerMindCoach is out on its own in the poker podcast world with its ‘Mindset Advantage’series. Its approach covers the psychology and health side of poker – a much-neglected sphere of the game. With hosts Elliot Roe and Dr. Tricia Cartner, they explore ways to improve your game away from the actual table and cards.


With guest interviewees such as Adam ‘coffeeyay’ Sobolewski, and good quality audio and presentation, they offer a unique approach to improving your game – as such, this podcast deserves at least one listen by every player! Also available on iTunes.

Paid for podcasts

Fully paid-for podcasts are a rarity, but DeucesCracked offers their more recent podcasts to 6-month and 1 year subscribers only. Older podcasts can be viewed for free, but we’re talking about going back 3 years which limits their interest somewhat.


The CrushLivePoker podcast is only free in 5 minute samples, but what they offer seems genuinely interesting. Bart Hanson’s ‘Live call-ins’ make for a welcome change, where listener’s poker hands are discussed and dissected on air.


The range of podcasts is excellent and of high-quality, and the strategy discussions are very good (although quite deep at points when you can’t see the card table!)

Worth a subscription starting at $12.99 per month for the podcasts only? Hmmm, if you’re main source of everything poker comes from podcasts alone, then yes. Otherwise it’s very pricey.

I hope you enjoyed our pick of the best poker podcasts. Please leave your favourites in the comments below! Also take a look at our review of the best poker training sites available online!


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