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From Poker to Slots: What Do Players Need to Know?

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Let’s take a closer look at tips for trying out a new game

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Poker players enjoy the game for a variety of reasons. Some find its complex challenges rewarding, especially the strategists who like to tinker with tactical approaches. Others might simply enjoy the rhythm of the game or treat it like a nostalgic pastime, sticking to beginner-friendly tournaments.

Regardless of why a player enjoys poker, it’s likely that other people wouldn't connect them to another casino game: slots. Poker emphasizes strategy, handling unknowns, and probabilities, while slots instead focus on entertainment and excitement. Though poker and slots might not appear to have much in common, slots have plenty to offer poker buffs. Let’s take a closer look at tips for trying out a new game.

Finding the Right Platform

For those looking for a platform to play slots online, keep in mind that there are various models to consider. For example, LuckyLand Slots provides free games to players, who get to choose from dozens of cutting-edge titles. The model has proved incredibly popular for players in the US, where interest in casino games continues to expand.

Typically, a slots platform is bundled with a larger casino brand. In the US, online casinos, poker, and sportsbooks are treated separately in terms of legal regulations. However, a brand that covers poker might also launch online casino and sports betting platforms.

In certain cases, users can even jump from one to another with a single account. If you also enjoy betting, you can keep a lookout for a gaming brand that offers ‘the trifecta’.

All About Developers

Poker is all about a platform and the software it develops for its players. This means that every poker brand offers a slightly different playing experience, as each company works closely with a developer to create its own unique interface and setup. Slots work slightly differently. Many online casinos pay for the right to ‘host’ a slot on their site, which is developed by another company.

For example, Play’n Go, NetEnt, and IGT are a few of the largest developers worldwide. Their games can be found on dozens of online casinos. Many players purposefully look for slots from specific companies, either in search of a high RTP or a specific theme. Other times, certain games become popular enough that developers release a ‘sequel’.

But this isn’t always the case. The above example, LuckyLand Slots, creates its own games. This means that the titles found on the site can’t be found anywhere else. Some gamers prefer to stick to platforms that develop their own slots, as they have ‘exclusive’ access.

Slots Perfect for Poker Players

Slots players gravitate toward certain titles for their RTP, bonus rounds, and jackpot features. But many also gravitate toward titles that fit into themes which appeal to them. Sci-fi fans might prefer a slot like Galactic Blast, while mythology fans might choose Vaults of Valhalla. But what about poker fans—is there a slot out there that’s perfect for them?

As mentioned above, poker players are usually probability-minded. This means many will search for slots with an RTP of at least 96% and tinker with their stakes—unless they’re playing a social casino where slots are free to play. Aside from finding strategic approaches to playing, poker players may also opt for slots that mirror their interests in cards.

For example the Wild West theme is popular for slot players. It also has crossover appeal for poker players, as that game originated in the saloons of the American southwest a century ago. There are also plenty of Vegas-themed slots that will feel familiar to poker players. Certain games are also poker-themed, drawing on card suits for the spinning reel and other recognizable symbols.


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