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Maximize Your Poker Earnings

Hack Your Opponent's Strategy in Poker

6,939 Views on 21/2/20

What are some things that a good poker player should have in their strategy?

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As a game of skill, poker is not for the weak because you need to be psychologically strong to beat your opponents. A lot of aspects of the games such as bad swings, poor choices are to do with the mind. It is for that reason that you need to learn the mind behind the game if you want to beat the next tournament that you participate in. The good news is that there are plenty of tricks that you can use to build your poker strategy and overall gaming technique.

Variance can always be expected in poker because not everything will be in your control. For example, you could get the best of your chips in order and even the best hand of aces, but these do not guarantee you a win. However, you can always master the best poker strategy for beginners, and some luck will get you on the right track. What are some things that a good poker player should have in their strategy?

Play your Strongest Hands First 

When you start some games to play with friends, never be too afraid to play with speed. To be honest, being slow does not guarantee that you are playing smart. People can always throw in their strongest cards in two to three quick flushes and then slow the game later to make the opponent uneasy. Be ruthless when playing online poker for real money available on mobile. Another advantage that speed gives you is that it psychologically entices the opponent to also start playing fast, often making them goof around with some costly mistakes. Exactly, their mistakes are often your trophies.

The opponent is always limited towards the hands, which rarely have any showdown value. The only caution is that you may feel uncertain some times and just end up betting randomly. This is not really a big problem because the opponent will fold up sooner or later and give some opportunities for your perfect draw chips.

Fold the Play when Unsure

The biggest difference between a rookie player and a professional is their ability to lay down a backup poker strategy if they feel they are losing. There is no embarrassment in playing it wise. Is it that simple? In practice, a poker player’s mind is a curious mind by default. People are always wondering what move the opponent will make next. The problem with choosing not to fold is that people will surrender the chance to win a pot, and they will feel at loss when the opponent actually had worse hands.

It is not wise to make calls too often. Too many call-ins make poker players lose more. It is better to fold if the situation sounds too unclear about calling, betting, raising or folding. Keep making mental notes of what the hand contained in each session. Later on, try and see if there are any similarities in the forfeited outcomes every time there is a decision to fold.

How to play with the Right Emotions

When you cannot keep the emotions in check, you are on a slow descent into a losing bench. An upcoming poker player should regularly watch videos of other poker players and observe how they behave. Are they always angry when they lose a round? Do they remain stone-faced and still when waiting for the opponent to take a turn? Good poker players know that they need to give the opponent mixed signals. Always have your best poker face on at all times. Playing it cool can give the opponent the false impression that you are doing well, even when the real situation is the polar opposite.

A genius tip in messing around with the opponent’s emotions is that when they are uneasy, they will always make decisions that leave a lot to be desired, and your moneybag will keep growing. This rule works across the board and not only in poker. Read plenty of poker strategy articles on LoopX to ensure that you get all the tips about how to react when certain outcomes of the game arise. When you are too cocky or proud, you will lose your guard and start breaking all the poker rules on the champion’s rule book. Take a short break even when you get a good winning streak.

Own your Bad Decisions

Mistakes do happen, and they could cost you big time, but it’s always better to own them and move on swiftly. Self-awareness is vital when playing any of the types of poker that are popular in NZ. Self-awareness will always be a big boost to the psychology of poker. Playing the victim and blaming the opponent doesn't really work in gambling. Instead of wallowing around a loss, always take responsibility and try to avoid the mistake that costs you the game. New Zealand poker greats have never been the type to justify a loss. They always take it to the chin and find a better strategy to win the next round. Bad rounds are a part of the fun but people need to have a playbook for dealing with them.

Always Assess the Opponent’s Optical Movement

It has been scientifically proven that people’s eye movement speeds up when they are lying, scared or uncomfortable. The face can give different clues such as trustworthy, neutral, or unreliable. A happy and attractive face shows a player who is in control and has hopes on the playing cards they have. The first two seconds will especially give a clue and let you crash anybody’s poker face. For example, someone’s eyes may show fear for the first two seconds and then switch to a fake smile right away. That gives away the enemy as being in fear and not genuinely in control. 


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