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The Advantages of Licensed Poker Sites Over Poker App

712 Views on 20/6/23

Playing poker online is hugely popular and today, you are presented with a choice of playing poker using a personal computer or using a mobile app

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Playing poker online is hugely popular and today, you are presented with a choice of playing poker using a personal computer or using a mobile app. If you are away from the computer and want to play poker, using a licensed mobile poker app is the only way you can enjoy a game of online poker. However, if you have access to a PC, should you be using a licensed poker website over an app? We look at the advantages of licensed poker sites over using a poker app.

Full Website Capabilities

When playing poker at the top licensed online poker websites, the best of which you can find at beastsofpoker.com, you have full access to everything the site has to offer. There are many table settings and preferences which are available when playing poker using a computer that are reduced when using a mobile app. For example, information that contains statistics about your opponents can be displayed when using a licensed poker site on a desktop computer but that is not always the case when playing online poker on a mobile device. There is third party software that can be used when playing poker on a PC that is simply too powerful to run on a mobile phone. If you are playing online poker at a high level, you want to use every advantage at your disposal and that means playing on licensed poker sites rather than a poker app. If you want to participate in multi-tabling, which is playing on more than one poker table at the same time, you must use a desktop computer. The size of the screen means you can comfortably see the tables at the same time using a tiled display and monitor what is happening.

Avoiding Distractions

Winning a game of online poker requites a lot of concentration. It does not matter if you are playing for a small amount of money or a massive pot, you must have full focus on the game if you are going to succeed. When playing using a mobile device you will enjoy a greater freedom of movement but that can increase the number of distractions. Playing online poker is not only about your hand but also the hand of the opposing players and their playing style. If you keep taking your eyes of the game for a few seconds and miss what an opponent is doing, you will not be able to read their plays in later rounds. Playing at licensed online poker sites mean you are sat at a computer, without going outside or moving around. Your chances of success will increase by keeping distractions to a minimum and that is exactly what you can do when playing at a desktop computer.

Internet Connection

You must use a reliable internet connection when playing online poker and the last thing you want is for the connection to stutter during a game. There is no guarantee that any internet connection is going to stay smooth 100% of the time but if you have a reliable connection at home, you can play online poker using a computer without any worries. However, the same cannot be said when playing on a mobile app. You could be in the hunt for a big pot only for your session time out because you are playing using a mobile and the Wi-Fi has stopped working. You cannot rely on a public Wi-Fi connection to play online poker, especially if there is big money involved. If you wanted to send a large sum of money to a person online, it is unlikely you would do it using a public Wi-Fi connection and the same applies to online poker. Play on a computer at home to ensure you stay in the game from beginning to end.

In short, thanks to the extra capabilities offered by a computer monitor, fewer distractions, and a reliable internet connection, it makes sense to use licensed poker sites over using a poker app.


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