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Make Your Poker Setup More Ergonomic [Infographic]

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When grinding poker on the computer for extended periods of time, it's important to consider your longterm health and have an ergonomic desk setup.

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Make your poker setup more ergonomic

PokerVIP's Tips to Make Your Poker Setup More Ergonomic

Playing poker on your computer, or laptop setup can take a toll on your body while you sit for extended amounts of time. What are you doing to combat repetitive strain injuries, postural issues, and supporting your body during long sessions? From experience we’ve gathered seven tips to improve the ergonomics of your poker station. Some of the tips may require different equipment or peripherals but most can be accomplished with a few small tweaks which can do wonders for your longterm health.

  1. Avoid keyboard wrist rests at all costs - these greatly increase carpal tunnel pressure. Instead have your wrists in a relaxed position without flexing in either direction.

  2. Your keyboard should sit 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) above your knees. Make sure the keys are easy to press as too much resistance puts extra strain on the tendons of the hand.

  3. Control the mouse with your elbow, not your hand, and try to keep it inline with your shoulder. The mouse should fit comfortably in your hand and be easy to move.

  4. Position your monitor 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) away from your face and have it angled down slightly from your line of vision. Keep your head in a neutral position.

  5. Find a chair that is comfortable, has arm rests that your arms sit on on naturally, and has decent lumbar support, and if it doesn’t then create your own using a towel or pillow.

  6. Everyone will be comfortable in different positions and your posture will vary. Aim to keep your head and back supported, shoulders relaxed, arms supported, wrists neutral, and feet on the floor.

  7. If you only have the laptop to use, try sitting in a chair with the laptop sitting on your lap propped up by a book or pillow.

Disclaimer: The aim of this article is only to provide information on an ergonomic desk setup. These tips will not treat or improve any pain or injuries you have. Please consult a medical professional if you have any pain or injuries during computer use.



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aborg88on 6/9/15

ive got a desk which goes up (to standing position) and down (around knee height) .. with everything in between - its great to switch between standing and sitting ... the desk itself isn't too expensive either.


ScottPokerVIPon 2/10/15

Those are awesome options as they give you time to adjust to a standing desk as you can swap back and forth. I've also seen a few DIY guides to make a desk like this yourself - definitely would recommend.


Pwllon 4/9/15

Hi ScottPokerVIP, I'm going to do the same and build one to. As for all that standing around stuff, far too lazy.


ScottPokerVIPon 6/9/15

Good call man - it's a nice feeling to build something and get such good use out of it. It was definitely hard to stand at the desk at first, a good option is to have two desks (one standing) and swap between the two as you get used to it. Or have a standing desk and a high stool so you can swap back and forth - some food for thought.


Pwllon 3/9/15

I got told not to buy a 'executive chair' because they aren't as good as work chairs. I don't know why. A good chair is essential and I suspect those supernova types would know more about that. I use an armchair and pillows behind my back and neck but then I'm looking up at my monitor because the desk is too high.


ScottPokerVIPon 4/9/15

Hey Pwll - I found that getting my desk at the right height was the most important thing for making my setup more ergonomic. I actually now work at a standing desk which always keeps me in good posture, and I built it myself so the tabletop is at the perfect height so I don't strain my wrists or shoulders.

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