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Best Poker Tournaments to Play as an Amateur - 4 Tournaments Ranked

2,034 Views on 28/12/22

Today we have prepared an article for beginners who have decided to try their hand at multi-table tournaments

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Any novice poker player has a problem choosing the primary discipline for the game, which in the future will be able to generate income. Most often, the choice is between cash games and multi-table tournaments.

Today we have prepared an article for beginners who have decided to try their hand at multi-table tournaments. We will discuss the most popular places you can participate without significant investments and their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Poker Tournaments

The main advantage is the possibility of remote play. To participate in online poker tournaments at IgnitionCasino, you only need a computer connected to the Internet. You can play anywhere.

Other advantages for beginners include:

  • At the tables, you will find opponents with approximately the same level of training. In cash games, some more vigorous opponents are hard to beat.
  • There is a chance to get a big win. Many poker tournament organizers allow you to increase the buy-in hundreds of times.
  • Minimal losses from the rake. In MTT games, the commission is fixed. Often, it does not exceed 10% of the buy-in.

There are several drawbacks to this format of the game:

  • Much higher variance than in cash games. Playing for a long distance may not bring the desired winnings precisely because of the dispersion.
  • Tournaments often take time, and you cannot leave the table at any time, as in cash games.

Below, we will describe some of the sites that hold poker tournaments.

IgnitionCasino’s in-house tournament(s)

Poker tournaments are held here around the clock and seven days a week. The full schedule can be viewed on the website to choose the right one. There are over 150 different types available, with buy-ins ranging from 50 cents to $1,000.

Moreover, novice players may be interested in annual festivals, where the number of winnings at the tables is much higher. These are the Golden Spade Poker Open (GSPO) and the Black Diamond Poker Open (BDPO). The main feature of the tournaments held on the site is the ability to increase the buy-in by 1000 times. It will help you understand how to win at poker, elevate your skills, etc.


Here you will find several types of tournaments:

  • PekarStas Freeroll. The prize fund is $50. The freeroll is available to all new players. You don't need to make a deposit.
  • $250 GTD. Entrance to the tournament – 0.27 dollars. Players receive 10,000 chips per hand. The average round lasts 12 minutes.
  • BIG 10 – $2,000 and $2,500 GTD. A feature of poker tournaments of this type is significant prize money. Beginner players will appreciate the $1.65 buy-in tournaments with a $2,500 guarantee. At the start, 35 thousand chips are issued, the first 16 rounds last 15 minutes, and the rest – 12 minutes.


Another site with poker tournaments where you will find the following formats:

  • $0.50 Sat to $11 Sunday Hundred Grand. One of the most optimal satellites for beginners. Players for participation in the tournament are selected during the week. The satellite itself is carried out in several stages. Players receive 5 thousand chips each at the start, and rounds last 8 and 5 minutes.
  • Express satellites. Several game formats are available. In Roshambo, players must choose a suitable starting hand from the offered ones. In All-in or Fold, only two options are available at the table – All-in or Fold, respectively.
  • T$Builder. You can become a participant in the tournament with a buy-in of $0.25, $0.50, $1, and $2. The main feature is no rake, while new games start every 30 minutes.
  • Daily Guarantees. This category includes several games – Daily Majors, Daily Main Event, Daily Hyper, Daily Turbo, Daily Big, and Daily Deep Stacks. Tournaments are held every hour. You can enter the game with 1 dollar.
  • Bounty Hunters. Two tournament formats are available in this category – Bounty Hunters and Speed Racer Bounty. Due to good guarantees, they are in demand among entry-level players. The prize fund reaches 6 thousand dollars.


The site is more in demand among cash poker players, but you can also find exciting multi-table tournaments here. For beginners, there are several advantages – you can start with a minimum amount, and there is a minimum number of opponents at the tables.

Here are a few tournaments you should pay attention to:

  • Eliminator €10 Sat – 3 seats. This is a qualifying satellite to one of the significant RedStar tournaments. The main advantage is that you can sit at the table with a buy-in of only 0.50 euros. At the start, you will receive 10 thousand chips. Game rounds will last 8 minutes.
  • €1,000 GTD – Rebuy. A popular tournament for micro-stakes players. The buy-in here is 1 dollar, and the levels last for 10 minutes.
  • €2,000 GTD Fists of Fury – Rebuy. The buy-in for this tournament is $2. You will receive 10,000 chips in your hands. The rounds will last 10 minutes.


Online tournaments are a great opportunity for beginners to practice their skills and win. Many of them have a small buy-in, starting from a dollar. As a result, you can start the game even with the minimum available budget.


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