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WSOP Online Poker Boom in Summer 2024

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WSOP Boom 2024

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Significant developments have recently been reported in the US online poker market. WSOP.com intends to further enhance its software systems in Nevada and New Jersey in the upcoming weeks before introducing shared liquidity with Michigan.

Despite Michigan reaching a deal providing joint liquidity in 2022, WSOP kept its New Jersey and Nevada sites separate.

Anticipated Changes

While Michigan's site operates independently, players from New Jersey and Nevada can play on the same platform offered by WSOP.com. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) online bracelet series alternates the tournament between two platforms each summer. That being said, there could be some adjustments in the forthcoming summer.

The Circuit series release disclosed details of a joint liquidity arrangement between Michigan and Nevada. Given that New Jersey and Nevada have already been merged on WSOP.com, it seems logical to believe that Garden State will be involved in the deal.

The WSOP has not undertaken similar action. The delay is caused by the software in Nevada and New Jersey being older than that in Michigan. It was thought prudent to upgrade these.

Including Michigan would immensely increase WSOP.com's possible player base. Let's look at the populations of each state.

Nevada3.2 million
New Jersey 9.3 million
Michigan10 million

Although Pennsylvania is not yet a member of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA), legislative efforts are being made to change this status. The Keystone State would bring 13 million more possible players to the mix.

Pennsylvania will continue to have a separate poker platform run by WSOP until that state joins the MSIG.

WSOP has not publicly stated its intentions to combine player pools with Michigan or any other state. However, these two states are anticipated to merge "soon." An incredible online bracelet series awaits online poker enthusiasts in the three states mentioned if the claim is valid.


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