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Hypnotherapy and Mindset Coaching for Poker

I’m Elliot Roe (DHP), a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner based in Las Vegas Nevada.

I qualified with RBCCH (Royal Berkshire College of Clinical Hypnotherapy), and I am a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

I have developed a hypnotherapy program to help players reduce tilt and improve their focus at the table. I have worked with a number of professional poker players. Also, I work with UFC competitors to help them mentally prepare for their fights by improving their focus and confidence.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective tool in many sports, and I believe it has been under-utilised in poker. Poker is a game where playing with the correct mindset is incredibly important. Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective at achieving the right mindset and effectuates positive change. Hypnosis is undoubtedly an excellent tool that every player should utilize.

In one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions we can identify root causes of negative behavior at the table, such as tilt, anger, self-sabotage or low confidence. Once the source of the destructive thoughts has been pinpointed, hypnosis is used to reduce or remove them completely. This creates long-term change as you gain an understanding of your mindset and the tools needed to overcome this problematic behavior.

It is possible to progress much faster with a client using hypnotherapy rather than more traditional therapies, as communication takes place directly with the subconscious mind. What could take years to resolve using psychoanalysis, can take just weeks or months using hypnotherapy.

Once we have resolved the internal issues I will use techniques to create triggers relating to your “A game” and being in “The Zone” by practicing these techniques you will be able to play to your fullest potential more frequently and your game will develop more quickly. By improving your focus and patience at the table you will better understand the weaknesses in your game and you will feel compelled to resolve them.


Imagine the increase in your ROI with:

:-Reduced or complete resolution of tilt issues

:-Improved focus during sessions

:-Increased patience at the table

:-Increased awareness of tells

:-A new improved love of poker and a interest in improving your game

:-A better understanding of your personal weaknesses, where they stemmed from and strategies to combat them



I offer live sessions in Las Vegas and Skype sessions for $100 per hour with sessions lasting between 60 and 90 minutes. The first session is always 90 minutes ($150) as it serves as both an informational and treatment session. The following session lengths will depend on the issues presented and the needs of the client.

If you mention you found my services here at PokerVIP, on booking the first session you will receive a focus MP3 ($25 value).

If a package of 5 hours is booked and paid upfront I offer a 10% discount ($450).



I offer two types of MP3s for Poker. One is for “pre-game warm up” to improve mental focus and reduce tilt during your session (Available for live or online play). The second is my “Post-game warm down” this MP3 is used to improve sleep and remove stress resulting from the day’s game. (Please see commercial market place listing for further details) Mp3’s can be purchased here.

Personalized MP3s for specific issues are also available for $200 ( This includes a 30 minute skype consultation and a short personality test to ensure the best possible induction is being used).


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