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A lifelong degenerate that has always had a backwards sleeping pattern, Poker conveniently found George in 2012 during his first year at university. He was fortunate enough to live with an already-accomplished mid-stakes grinder and decided to befriend him for free coaching. Five years later after much success in the Zoom games on PokerStars, George now puts most of his volume in at the live cash tables. He's recently moved to Canada to find himself and all that.

Texas Hold'em No Limit Beginner4-Bet Poker Strategy – Essential Guide

We’ll give the strategic breakdown of all the key concepts you will need to effectively incorporate 4-betting into your own game.

George Mathias 21,369 Views on 30/5/18

Bitcoin & Crypto CurrencyCryptocurrency Gaming: The Future of Poker?

Following a rapid upswing experienced by many digital currencies, the ever-increasing market caps have generated widespread interest.

George Mathias 15,463 Views on 12/8/17