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Matt is predominantly a mental game and planning expert, with a terrific knowledge of science, meditation, practical methods of improvement and of course, a good level of poker skill! Look out for his strategy articles and follow him for his nobel-prize winning forum posts! Follow MattVIP here.

Prior to working with PokerVIP, Matt was a hand evaluation coach at PokerStrategy and worked as a poker writer for a number of distinguished websites, including
Poker Mental Game & PlanningJason Koon Poker Strategy

It might be a good idea to take a closer look at some famous hands from Jason's poker career.

Matt VIP 4,905 Views on 22/12/17

Bitcoin & Crypto CurrencyThe Overview of Top Cryptocurrencies for Poker Players

In this article, we're going to present you a basic overview of the most popular and most promising cryptocurrencies currently available on the market.

Matt VIP 4,779 Views on 19/12/17

Texas Hold'em No Limit IntermediateThe Anatomy of a Hero Call

Hero calling can be another way of gaining an edge over our opponents so in this article we'll discuss the concept in a bit more detail.

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