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Nick has been a true microstakes grinder playing 10,000's of hands at each level of the microstakes. He has a growing win rate due to his hard work ethic and passion for the game. Nick has become familiar with almost every site which gives him a great insight into all playing styles. His knowledge on the basics of poker is fresh and suited well to todays game with a combination of feel and EV calculations. With a microstakes tournament win, SnG experience and currently crushing cash games, Nick feels he is becoming a well rounded player and is keen to share with you all of his knowledge! 



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Ultimate 15 Mins Study Guide: PFR GTO

PokerVIP coach Nick Whitton is back with episode 2 of learning to crush with only 15 minutes of studying per day. In thi...

Nick Whitton 10,170 Views on 8/6/16

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Poker Snowie: GTO Study Tool Part 4

Part 4 - PokerVIP forum member CrazyCookie plays vs the ultimate poker machine Snowie to discuss range analysis. The aim...

Nick Whitton 3,502 Views on 31/5/16

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Ultimate 15 Mins Study Guide: Max EV

Studying can often be the hardest part of the game as we sometime don't know what to study or just fail to spot our own ...

Nick Whitton 10,463 Views on 26/5/16