$400nl Live Play On Bovada

7,092 Views on 3/9/15

Brad Wilson brings us his first PokerVIP coaching video playing $400nl on Bovada. The owner and lead coach for Enhance Your Edge Brad brings with him a wealth of experience playing on one of Americas flagship poker sites.

He is best known for breaking down the most complex of hands so that anyone can understand the lines he takes. Due to the games being anonymous Brad has to quickly identify player types with limited HUD stat samples and discover the best ways to exploit them. 

If you are from Europe or countries restricted on Bovada, you can enjoy games against US player on ACR and Blackchip too!


Brad Wilson

My name is Brad Wilson and I have been a professional poker player for the past 11 years. I have loved the continuous pursuit of knowledge and dedication to a profession that is constantly evolving. I still very much remember the 20 year ol ... Read More


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