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My name is Brad Wilson and I have been a professional poker player for the past 11 years. I have loved the continuous pursuit of knowledge and dedication to a profession that is constantly evolving. I still very much remember the 20 year old kid that had a dream and worked 60+ hours/week to save up for his first poker bankroll. 

If I could offer that 20 year old kid one piece of advice, it would be to constantly surround himself with amazing poker players and amazing people, like those found on and I genuinely believe nothing we can do in life has a greater impact on our success than the people we surround ourselves with.

With that said, I am very grateful for the opportunity to help you take your game to the next level as a contributor to PokerVIP. Enjoy my videos and feel free to reach out via private message if you have any questions.

I am located in Atlanta, GA in the USA. My regular stakes are $400NL - $1,000NL on Bovada.
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$400nl Post Session Review On Bovada

Brad Wilson lead coach of Enhance Your Edge reviews a recent $400nl session he played on Bovada. Highlighting key hands ...

Brad Wilson 10,107 Views on 12/10/15

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$400nl Live Play On Bovada Part 2

Brad Wilson brings you his second PokerVIP coaching video playing $400nl on Bovada. The owner and lead coach for Enhance...

Brad Wilson 6,561 Views on 24/9/15

Six MaxNLHEMid
$400nl Live Play On Bovada

Brad Wilson brings us his first PokerVIP coaching video playing $400nl on  Bovada. The owner and lead coach for Enh...

Brad Wilson 9,058 Views on 3/9/15