50nl On GUTS 1/2

3,418 Views on 19/2/18

In this brand new series on GUTS poker Fergal takes on the 50NL streets. 

While 4 tabling a combination of standard tables and anonymous tables he takes you through his thought process on each and every significant hand and shows you how to identify exploit those weaknesses in your opponents game to maximise your winrate!! 

Key topics include: 
- Identifying and profiling weaker players 
- The adjustments required once you have profiled certain player types
- Maxing your EV post flop against villains ranges by inducing bluffs/light calldowns


Fergal Brophy

Fergal is a micro stakes cash game grinder with close to a million hands under his belt. He has been playing poker for over a decade now and has always been passionate about the game, but for the majority of his career was a complete recrea ... Read More

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