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Advanced Poker Bluffing

Adam Jones 5,459 Views 31:21 Duration

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I am of British nationality and go by the online alias w34z3l. I am considered one of the top consultants in the field for technical analysis (i.e. database work) and application of game theory concepts to various card games. I make a range of educational content (including the videos and articles here) helping players, software designers and card game enthusiasts to take their strategic understanding to the next level. My background in teaching helps me to communicate concepts effectively and clearly.Whether you are looking to generate a full-blown understanding of optimal strategy or simply pick up the skills to surprise your friends in a home game, feel free to contact me through the message system.

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Adam 'W34zel' Jones follows on from his intermediate bluffing video with this advanced presentation. Looking at his own hand histories he reveals the most complex concepts to outplay your opponents. Looking over subjects such as...
  • Back doors
  • Over cards
  • Check raising
  • Bluff jamming
  • Delayed cbets
  • And how we can react when facing perceived bluffs
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! For more coaching videos by Adam Jones click here. Or take a look at some of Adams strategy articles...


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fawltyfelixon 27/2/16

Very nice. Any chance you will do another vid in this series. On what to do in some of the turn and river situations when your bluff gets called. Should you be continuing the bluff, on what cards would you continue, which ones might you just give up on. Bluff Jamming, its something I hear a lot about but very unsure of when you would do this. I am sure its similar to the overbet and you believe you have a capped range


mattyon 16/11/15

7:40 - if we x/r QJ on the turn which I like, are you bluffing any rivers? say ace or king... & are you valuebetting on a queen or jack?


karmakazeon 16/11/15

Hi Weazel, great video, I gotta say I always find your videos very well made and super helpful....With the 85 of clubs hand - is it not also that your range is also capped? If you had a strong holding such as a set surely you would be raising for value on the turn? Does this not allow oop villain to c/c river as a bluff catch line with his 7X or 1010 or even c/r his air? As surely you would check for showdown on the river most Ax etc...


MilfGrinderon 16/11/15

Thank you again!

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