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Bitesize Poker Concept - Value Betting the River

Jack Wilcox 6,905 Views 18:27 Duration

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Betfair €15,000 March Race 2

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Jack Wilcox
Jack Wilcox
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Tragically, Jack passed away after a motorbiking accident in Thailand on the 6th February 2012. When I last spoke to Jack he said he was happy & enjoying life, and in all my experiences with Jack he's been nothing less than a genuine, friendly and happy guy. He gave so much to the online poker community through his frequent contributions to TwoPlusTwo and through his coaching endeavours to help others improve at the game which he loved.  A truly kind & sincere person, he'll be sorely missed by us all, and my thoughts go out to his family and loved ones. RIP Jack. Jack Wilcox was key to the success of iPokerVIP Coaching, and the materials he produced brought enjoyment to thousands of fellow players. When I recently asked Jack for a few more pictures of himself for the site, he sent me 3 pictures: 1 of him in swim trunks on a beautiful Thai island, 1 of him white water rafting with friends & 1 of him and a friend skiing. I feel like that alone says a lot about Jack, his happiness and his attitude toward life. Jack “Hoodlincs” Wilcox is a professional online poker player from the UK. He began playing poker in Jan2009 at NL25 6max and moved through the stakes that year to NL400 in June and was taking shots at NL1k by October 2009. Jack graduated from University in 2010 whilst still playing online poker, and began playing 6-max rush when it was introduced on FTP. After Black Friday, Jack moved his action on to the Euro networks with iPokerVIP and intensified his involvement in coaching players, where he’s now enjoying new found success coaching players right up to the Mid-stakes. Jack knows in depth about the common mistakes and leaks made by even successful players up to the mid-stakes, and is able to articulate the concepts he teaches very well. 

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Jack teaches us about Value betting the river in this bitesize, information packed video.

Part 1: Implied Odds

Part 2: Fold Equity

Part 4: Bet Bluffing


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othd13on 11/7/14

thank you, RIP Jack!

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