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Bitesize Training: EV Calculations

Adam Jones 6,251 Views 21:08 Duration

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I am of British nationality and go by the online alias w34z3l. I am considered one of the top consultants in the field for technical analysis (i.e. database work) and application of game theory concepts to various card games. I make a range of educational content (including the videos and articles here) helping players, software designers and card game enthusiasts to take their strategic understanding to the next level. My background in teaching helps me to communicate concepts effectively and clearly.Whether you are looking to generate a full-blown understanding of optimal strategy or simply pick up the skills to surprise your friends in a home game, feel free to contact me through the message system.

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Understand the EV Theory & Maths behind NLHE in this bitesize concept video.


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giannison 15/3/12

hello again i calculate the probability in your flush draw example if villain fold 40% a pair
and is 2bb ev i wanna ask is it worth? or we should fold and find better spot with higher ev?


w34z3lon 9/3/12

Hey giannis,

It really depends on villain your pot equity your fold equity. Sometimes you should play a flush draw aggressively but other times you might not (perhaps you don't have enough fold equity for it to be profitable).

The same applies to your 99 on a 4c4hQh flop. Sometimes the best option might be to raise while other times it might be to flat-call or even fold. It really depends on villain's range including the range he will continue with to a raise. Theoretically you could raise 99 for value against flush-draws, but if your opponent folds all flush draws to a raise and only calls with Qx, it might be a bad idea.


giannison 9/3/12

hello adam nice video calculating ev, u give a example what if we have flush draw better be aggressor, so in the other hand if i have a pair of 99 and the flop is 4c 4h qh the oppement cbet the ev is reraise?

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