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Blizzy Competition + £3000NL High Stakes Live Play

Blizzy PokerVIP 8,214 Views 27:14 Duration

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Blizzy PokerVIP
Blizzy PokerVIP
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Blizzy is a PokerVIP member and friend of the website who would like to keep his real identity anonymous. He's not a professional poker player, but loves to gamble and play recreationally. We've made an agreement with Blizzy where he's allowed us to review his thrilling high-stakes online sessions at Sky Poker - The room of his choice. Check out his videos at the top right of this page.You can watch Blizzy's High Stakes Swing videos right here on PokerVIP, with commentary from PokerVIP head coach Jon Lundy.The only information we can reveal about 'Blizzy' is that he's from the UK and his career is offshore on the oil rigs where he earns good money and his time to play poker. We couldn't pass up the opportunity of sharing his crazy action on PokerVIP, and we hope you enjoy it.

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Blizzy Video Competition Time! Winner receives PokerVIP Goody Bag + $25 on Skrill + Natasha Sandhu PokerTube Calendar + Free Coaching Video Review.

Question: Jon was In vegas at the wynn drunk with blizzy. Blizzy decides to steal a mobility scooter and crashes into a slot machine. When security ask him what hes' doing he replies one of the following:

a) I can do what the F i want cos im Dan Bilzerians brother
b) It wasn't actually me on the scooter. 
c) I'm calling my lawyer
d) I was racing Doyle Brunson
e) Here is $1000 lets pretend this never happened. 

Comment here with your answer! 


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lazygrinderon 1/2/15

answer is A


Jon-PokerVIPon 27/1/15

Ok i apologize about that. I have mentioned it a lot in previous videos so i didn't want to become to repetitive. However going forward i will explain this better in future. The dyanamic would 100% allow Laak to call off his entire stack here with his hand but i do like your line vs an unknown.


pilezitinon 26/1/15

@Jon-pokervip: I mean the dynamic isn't really explained we have no idea if Laak is a whale or not. I think vs a whale then we can probably try and get the lot in but even then, given hes gonna peel 100% of range were not exactly doing amazing against what he could have given he can have any 2p combo and will fold 10x. If he is a bit more reggy I dont see anyone calling off 180bbs with one pair when Blizzy has pretty much no bluff range here except maybe aj, given his 3b pre is always for value. As played I'd prefer a bet check bet line with maybe like 300otf and 900otr. I feel we can't get 3 streets vs anything that we beat. I don't play mid stakes 6max though so what there thinking might be way over my head. Which is why I need to tailor my play towards my opponent, but I don't know anything about him if he's a fish then it seems pretty important to know.


seni79on 24/1/15

answer is A


Jon-PokerVIPon 24/1/15

The correct answer was of course: D - " I was racing Doyle Brunson ". AndrewShaw81 wins the goody bag, PokerTube calendar and $25 on Skrill. Runners up who win the T-Shirt are: DanOCallaghan, Purrfection and Hypnotized. Also due to an amazing out of the box answer JasonWells will receive a T-Shirt & Calendar!!!! Congrats everyone who took part in playing, please PM me all your details inc Name, Address and Size. Stay tuned for more cool competitions!


Jon-PokerVIPon 22/1/15

@Pilezitin: The AA had i think is a great river for us so we can feel super safe to value bet. In previous videos and at the start of this i mention that Blizzy and LAAKDOWN battle so i think we should be really comfortable getting as much money in the pot as possible. We will see how he action develops in future videos....Really fun dynamic they both have. What would your sizing be on each street? Think checking the turn is a good line to take?


Jon-PokerVIPon 22/1/15

@Pilezitin: Really sorry it came across that way. Hopefully the next one will be more up your street.


Jamieon 21/1/15

Yes but some video though!


pilezitinon 21/1/15

I'll guess at A). Video was pretty poor commentator wasn't paying attention half the time reciting the wrong action such as the j9 hand. Also going pot pot pot first hand with the AA seems way to thin for me on that texture unless we have a read on villain which I'm guessin we don't as it was never mentioned


somersetlad9on 21/1/15



hypnotizedon 21/1/15

D! :)


maki1985on 20/1/15



McWilliams1on 20/1/15

E - Without a doubt!


Bartenderon 20/1/15

e) Here is $1000 lets pretend this never happened. :)


marcoon 20/1/15

I think E -The easiest so


JasonWellson 20/1/15

so sorry Mr security guard but I heard of some fish in town on the 10K NL tables, theres only one seat open so I was racing Doyle Brunson D, and this slot machine jumped out and hit my scooter, so Im afraid I will have to call my lawyer (C). Actually now I come to think of it Im Dan Bilzerians brother so I can do what the F I like (A) and it wasnt even me on the scooter anyway (B). I saw it sitting here and thought what a great way to beat Doyle Brunson to the table and was about to take it and you showed up, anyway here is $1000, lets just pretend it never happened (E). , Moral of the story, like in poker if you have to bluff or downright lie always use all options available lol, PAY THIS MAN HIS MONEY (Rounders)


mattuskoon 20/1/15

B :)


Purrfectionon 20/1/15

D :)


casadewinnaon 20/1/15



EnterGon 20/1/15

I say C as a bluff

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