Breaking Out The Micros: Sky Poker

6,904 Views on 30/12/15

After Jon finished the Sky micro stakes series he was inundated with requests to showcase what some players call the micro stakes 'bridge' 50nl. This is the final stakes in the micros and is the final bridge players have to cross before hitting the low stakes (100nl).

In this video Jon highlights the differences between the micros and 50nl whilst discussing each hand as and when it happens. With no HUD Jon continues to show how we can pick up on players tendencies, spot the fish and make the maximum amount of profit!

Follow in Jon's footsteps and crush the Micros at Sky Poker with PokerVIP today!


Jon PokerVIP

10 years and over 10 million hands of cash game poker Jon-PokerVIP brings a wealth of experience to team VIP. If he isn't winning 150k a month prop hands challenges  then he will be probably posting in our forum, streaming on ... Read More


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