20nl/50nl on GUTS 1/2

4,020 Views on 19/1/18

PokerVIP coach Fergal is back with a brand new 2 part cash game series on GUTS poker! In this live play video he takes you through his proven winning strategies at the 20NL and 50NL tables. He discusses topics such as: 

- Responding to threebets 
- Table image 
- Analysing opponents ranges 
= Playing exploitative poker 
- Adjusting to specific opponents 

Throughout both parts of the series he plays mostly at the same tables so you can see in real time how he approaches a full poker session vs new opponents!


Fergal Brophy

Fergal is a micro stakes cash game grinder with close to a million hands under his belt. He has been playing poker for over a decade now and has always been passionate about the game, but for the majority of his career was a complete recrea ... Read More


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