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Crushing PLO: Basic River Model Strategy

Ville Montonen 4,448 Views 17:51 Duration

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Ville Montonen

MeI’m 37 years old poker player and I have been playing poker since 2006. I started playing PLO somewhere around 2008. I have been working as a poker coach since 2010. During the last 5 years I have produced over 100 educational videos and held few hundred public coachings. So far I have had about 75 private students from all over the world whom I have coached. Not one of them have been unsatisfied (as far as I know) about the content of the coaching. So far I have produced material for two different poker schools, and now I am happy to produce content to too! For whom?Most of my coaching is aimed for PLO2-PLO50 players. It doesn’t really matter what your skill level is, as I can help total newbies and more skilled regulars. It doesn’t matter if your problems are technical, tactical or mental, I believe I can help you. Outside poker I am working as a high level (international) sports coach and as a teacher for kids in preschool and kindergarten. That gives me some tools and perspective to teach others. Private CoachingTypical methods for private coachings are: – Session review (previously played) – Going through hand histories – Session sweating (live) – Database leak finding – Learning equity and pot odds calculations with examples – Learning to use PokerJuice – Going through a specific concept or a spot with examples and hand histories – Addressing mental game errors and leaksOutside of those we can go through theory in different ways, the objective is to find the best ways for student to learn. Normal way to start is to watch a previously played session (in video) or hand histories so we can find what your game level is and what the best ways are to improve it both in short and long term. Two most common topics in coachings have been range definition and how to use that in decision making. I have a lot of experience in teachings those for low stakes players.

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Pot Limit Omaha Basic River Model - When to check and when to bet on the river. Kyyberi shows you a basic river model which can help you decide the correct strategy to take in the toughest river spots. With 10 years of experience and over 100 coaching videos made Kyyberi is the perfect coach for all PLO players. A unique way to explaining all strategies whilst keeping it simple enough for even a novice to understand. With PLO being the new favorite game of many players this is the perfect video to help you crush the game.


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SureNawon 16/10/15

nice video. looking forward to the next one!


Kyyberion 2/10/15

(deleted double post)


trollord59on 1/10/15

What advice would you give to a 100nl player trying to learn PLO? I can currently beat 10plo over a sample of 20k hands for 3bb/100. However i assume my winrate is probably just variance. I have been watching Obs Obson and Phil galfond on Runitonce however the content they produce is not really applicable to Microstakes games.


Kyyberion 3/10/15

Yeah the problem often is that if you play PLO10 like they play PLO100+, the rake will kill you. And most of the stuff doesn't work as opponents don't really think that much. At micros the only way to beat rake (20bb/100 or more) is to exploit the **** out of your opponents.One of the biggest areas to improve is mathematics. If you can do good decisions with pot odds, equities and implied odds, you are already making a LOT less mistakes than most of the players. Even a lot of PLO50 regs can't calculate/estimate needed implied odds during the hand while drawing. So they end up making bad calls (or bad plays after they hit) with their draws. I will definitely make videos about that at some point.


sollepolle1on 28/9/15

thanks, great vid! By the way i can be the guineapig of if you want to make leak finder or something similiar video on plo.


Napperon 28/9/15

interesting video kyy

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