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Defending Blinds Post-Flop - Part 2

Adam Jones 4,669 Views 32:13 Duration

5/5 (1 Review)
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Adam Jones
Adam Jones
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Adam Jones, Micro-Stakes Cash Game Coach at My online alias is "w34z3l", I'm 27 years old from the UK. I have been playing poker for 8 years and have worked my way up from the lowest stakes. I currently play at games at 200nl and higher. My game of choice is 6max NLHE although I also enjoy taking a little money off the PLO8 tables.During my time as a professional player I have also worked with many students (over 200) and taught others to climb through the limits. Coaching is available to anyone (no experience required) and sessions start at $50/hr. You will need skype, a working microphone, and the latest version of Teamviewer. For additional details please contact me via Skype "w34z3l".I also enjoy creating educational content for various websites. I have created 80+ training videos and written a similar number of strategy articles. Any questions about the videos/articles please feel free to contact me. Happy crushing!

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PokerVIP Coach Adam 'w34z3l' Jones' 2-part series on Defending Blinds Post-Flop: In episode 2, we look at how to play post-flop when the original raiser checks back on the flop - So we want to figure out our best line on the turn. We will look at some different lines to take and also some real hand examples. Watch Episode 1 Here.


5/5 (1 Review)

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Excellent stuff, many thanks

on 14/9/17


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Cookie Monster

Cookie Monsteron 14/5/15

Another good video


iain212on 6/5/15

Good video, another interesting point to add...from a GTO persepctve it is less risky making small bets OOP than IP due to us not re opening the action to a potential check raise from our opponent. This can allow us to make these small value/protection bets with hands like 55 on J237ss wherease IP this can be costly against an observant Opponent


luismelo4on 13/11/14

Very nice! Clear explanations and good examples.


No_Kingon 4/11/14

Good explanations of different lines.


Smebbon 24/10/14

wow.... positive red line in 2nl.. It's unbelievable!


w34z3lon 22/10/14

Pretty sure it works at nl2. The general idea is that when opponent does not cbet his range is likely capped which we can exploit. I've used the principles among others to generate a positive red-line strategy even at nl2. In fact the higher the limits the less useful the concept may become since decent players will be defending their flop checking range more effectively.


Smebbon 10/10/14

Can I adapt this line in 2NL? I know it's so general question that you're hard to answer. but you could give me some basic guide line. I've watched your 10 microstakes leaks Video series more than 5 times, which says to me do not play suit connectors OOP. but I tend to defend with it from late position open, and I'm not sure It's ev+ play.


jaypatel33on 7/10/14

Hey Adam, watched both parts. Really good. Thanks for making.

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