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Europe-Bet - Microstakes Cash 20NL - Part 2

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Tudor 'Scrimitzu' Stefan sits down for another session at 20NL on Europe-Bet after finding this new poker room much to his taste in his first Microstakes review video. Once more, we feel out the opposition on relatively unknown room. We're not using a HUD, but you can purchase a Europe-Bet hand converter from the PokerVIP store for a discounted price, if you're serious about playing at this room.

Poker Room:  Europe-Bet
Format: No Limit Hold'em Cash - 6Max
Stakes: 0.10/0.20


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shakinaceson 3/6/15

Never get to see your talked about twitch feed, so nice to see what your play and stream is all about. I'm even more disappointed now that my bank wouldn't authorise a deposit to this site (GEL not seen as safe money I guess!)... some of your raises seem super loose compared to my usual ranges (e.g. 52s open at 32.55 vs a station) but it's good to hear your thought processes regardless of whether they are lines I'd think about taking or not... always helpful to view things in a different light! Good stuff and look forward to watching more of your content.

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