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Europe-Bet - Microstakes Cash Live 10NL - Part 2

PokerVIP Coaching 2,451 Views 43:43 Duration

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Tudor 'Scrimitzu' Stefan returns for another live cash session at 10NL on EuropeBet. Watch Part 1 here. According to the lobby, the VPIP and PFR statistics are insanely high at these stakes, so our opponents should be extremely loose and fishy! However, it's extremely important that in such 'fishy' conditions, we adjust our play and tone down our aggression, instead opting to play value hands and value bet more.

Poker Room: Europe-Bet
Format: NLHE 6-Max
Stakes: 10NL 


1/5 (1 Review)

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The strategy you're using doesn't work at this site, especialy at NL10. you need to play much more aggressive and iso more to play HU aggainst fishes. also this video is so so boring - whats the point to play poker aggainst 5 guys with 20 bb's whos having no idea about the game at all. i think u should move up to NL20 and play aggainst regs. thats where this site is super proffitable. i'm georgian, reg on this site. i made a looot of money at NL20 . currently playing NL50/NL100. so yes maybe this nl10 softest limit in the world but c'mon, its so boring at the end. ofcourse if youre building br to play higher then its ok, but i guess this is not the case here.

on 18/7/15


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