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Heads Up SnG Poker Series: Part 1 (Micro Stakes)

David Tighe 9,155 Views 44:24 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

Starts in 2 days, 13 hours

David  Tighe
David Tighe
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Once a heads up SNG beast earning over $500k David has now changed direction into Mixed Games. Always being 1 step ahead of the game David is seeing excessive value in HORSE and 8 or better games. David already has an impressive win rate across all games but is mostly profiting from Stud8.  David has had many online scores totalling over $250k. Including winning the PartyPoker sunday major for $40k and then following it by finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in it over the following 12 months.  Live tournament winnings total over $240k including winning the Party Poker late night poker series in a stacked field for a cool $102500. Also recently winning the GUKPT walsall leg for £25k.  Stay tuned to see the best SNG and mixed game content online!           

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David Tighe brings you his first PokerVIP coaching video (Heads-Up SNG). Starting from low stakes for beginners all the way up to the highest stakes for advanced players. Stay tuned and watch how he changes his play as he goes up the stakes. 

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gherkinon 5/9/13

In the last year or so I\'ve mostly been playing mixed games and so haven\'t used a HUD (when I do play HU SNGs I haven\'t put the volume required to use one as it tends to be diff opp each time). Unless you have played 4-5 or more games against a player I would focus on observing your opponents play and taking notes on any \"non-standard\" plays, rather than relying on s small sample of stats

Previous to that I used a HUD through PT3 (which I purchased rather than doing it myself as I\'m useless when it comes to computery things). I did indeed separate stats for different stack sizes, as well as separating his stats dependent upon what I did (raise/call/shove). I now use FPDB instead of PT, and whilst it covers every mixed game it\'s HUD unfortunately doesn\'t have the same detail as PT/HEM


scooperon 3/9/13

Hello David, nice vid really!! I was wondering which HUD do you use when you use it? Do you recommend filtering it by stack size? I mean separeting 0-15 BB, 15-40 ans stuff like that


gherkinon 2/9/13

$5 and $10 the next one


AKQJ10LTon 2/9/13

What kinda buy in will be in next video?


gherkinon 2/9/13

Glad you liked it, the next video should be later this week hopefully.

Feel free to post any questions here and I\'ll answer them



my fav video yet! i play $10 hu sngs so cant wait for those ones. thanks so much.


AKQJ10LTon 30/8/13

Great video :) . Waiting for more :)

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