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Heads Up SnG Poker Series: Part 4 (Mid Stakes)

David Tighe 6,867 Views 51:55 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

Betfair €15,000 August Race 2

Starts in 2 days, 11 hours

David  Tighe
David Tighe
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Once a heads up SNG beast earning over $500k David has now changed direction into Mixed Games. Always being 1 step ahead of the game David is seeing excessive value in HORSE and 8 or better games. David already has an impressive win rate across all games but is mostly profiting from Stud8.  David has had many online scores totalling over $250k. Including winning the PartyPoker sunday major for $40k and then following it by finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in it over the following 12 months.  Live tournament winnings total over $240k including winning the Party Poker late night poker series in a stacked field for a cool $102500. Also recently winning the GUKPT walsall leg for £25k.  Stay tuned to see the best SNG and mixed game content online!           

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David continues to move up the levels showing you the difference at each stake. This time he takes on the $30+ regs! 

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Preslav01on 26/10/15

Hello! This hand (3:05) when you had 2 pair with 10 6 you didn't mentioned anything about 3♥4♥ for his range.I think this is the only thing that he was trying to represent there.


gherkinon 3/12/13

Yeah, the 88 was an interesting hand but not uncommon for medium stake HU SNGs. I think his range here is a set, T6 or air as you said. He has nothing a lot more here than on a \"normal\" flop because it\'s so dry (no draws) so a lot of players bluff in this spot more. Also he never has JJ here and a lot of players won\'t 3 barrel AT against an unknown, so that isn\'t a big a part of his range as you would think. Certainly KT, QT, JT are checking back the river (unless you are playing a v good opponent or someone you have history with).

Basically, you\'re calling the turn knowing a lot of the hands he is betting for value will check back the river AND a lot of his bluffs will bet the river as an added bonus.


Napperon 19/11/13

lovin\' this series. Would really enjoy and video on husng c-bets and when not to,
I\'m still a lil confused on m29:40, I understand the call after he re-raises you on Flop. I heard you say if you call the turn your calling the river, On the river what are you putting him on? I was guessing from the flop he\'d have gutters and maybe some gutters with 3 flushes, 66,22, and maybe ATo, an air, would he defend T6s? It was good next level thinking hand.



what is your most profitable site?


Jon-PokerVIPon 15/11/13

High stakes is out now!! Check it out on the coaching video listings


Jamieon 25/10/13

@scooper I think there is 720p available, which is technically HD :-) Although ofc 1020 would be better.


Jon-PokerVIPon 25/10/13

great video


scooperon 23/10/13

no HD?

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