Fundamentals Of A Strong Poker Mindset

6,738 Views on 25/4/17

New PokerVIP coach Steffen sits down and tells you exactly how you can achieve the mindset you have always wanted.

The psychological side of poker is often overlooked, but a bad mindset or tilt can cost you money! It can be even more important than actual poker strategy. Without it nothing else matters and we must understand what these things are to be able to fix them.

Throughout the video Steffen discusses important points such as...

  • How your mindset is affected by your experiences, beliefs and environment
  • How you can improve your focus
  • How to deal with emotions
  • Understanding and dealing with variance


Steffen Rachut

Steffen is a Counseling Psychologist and a Mental Game Coach. He helps ambitious poker players become their personal best by coaching them through their mental blocks. His passion for the mental game of poker started during his own active c ... Read More


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