How To CRUSH LIVE Tournaments with Rampage Poker [World Series of Poker]

642 Views on 7/3/23

Today Jonathan analyzes a hand with Rampage Poker that he played in a World Series of Poker $10,000 bounty event. In this WSOP event Ethan ‘Rampage Poker’ Yau finds himself battling against one of the best tournament players in the world; Sean Winter. Rampage Poker finds himself in a tricky spot facing a rather large bet on the flop in a multiway pot. He was undecided as to whether he should call or raise as he has a blocker to the nut flush draw with the king of clubs. When your opponent can potentially have all of the nuts in their range you should be more inclined to call rather than raise. It is important to think of many variables in a poker hand to ensure that you can crush live tournaments! In bounty tournaments when you generally cover your opponents you should be looking to make the pot bigger so that you have the opportunity to stack them.


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