ImFromSweden Plays 10NL Micros Cash - Part 1

7,245 Views on 29/7/15

Oscar 'ImFromSweden' steps down to play 10NL cash in this episode. Why? Because you guys requested it! You've said it's impossible to make bluffs and advanced plays because of the opposition. The bottom line is that people believe bluffs don't work at lower stakes. We are here to test that theory! In this video we'll try to make as many bluffs as possible and see how people will react to this - Will opposition play very tight? Will they call everything? We will play our normal game (OK, slightly more aggressive than normal) for the most part because we want to truly see how our opponents will react.


Oscar Bergling

Oscar "ImFromSweden" Bergling is a popular NLHE online pro from Sweden. He rose to prominence through one of the most popular blogs on TwoPlusTwo called 'I'll play nosebleeds by the end of the year' and has consistently beaten 6-Max and He ... Read More

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