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Introduction to 6-Max Poker: Part 1

Dustin Juniper 6,296 Views 35:04 Duration

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Dustin Juniper

Dustin Juniper, Small-Stakes Cash Game Coach at Dustin has been playing online poker professionally since 2006. For most of his career he has been consistently beating small-stakes 6-max, but when Rush Poker came out on Full Tilt, he smoothly moved up the limits until he was crushing the highest limit (400NL) at Rush. When Black Friday happened Dustin took a break from poker for a few months, but recently moved down to Costa Rica so he could get back to grinding. Dustin has been coaching for over a year and has helped countless students transition from losing at 25NL to crushing 100NL. He has a penchant for coaching and a knack for turning losers in to winners at the game.

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In the first video of his three-part series introducing players to 6-max, Dustin talks about the necessary tools required to play, bankroll management and pre-flop basics.

Part 2 of the series

Part 3 of the series


(1 Review)

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Very informative.

on 17/9/16


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pokersharkon 8/1/15

these are very good videos


Por7usCaleon 20/7/14

Thanks for the Vid. Going to give 6Max a try.


Hutchon 12/11/13

Thanks for the video, getting fed up with FR and hoping this will help me move into 6max


iknowkungfuon 18/9/13

In calling ranges, in MP you say flat AQs, 55-QQ, and 3bet AA,KK,AK, AQo, and fold AK and AQo to 4bet.
Why wouldn\'t we flat AKs and bluff with AQs, AKo instead?


Bookieon 6/7/13

Thanks for the video series, I have recently got into 6max speed poker and the way you have structured the content of the videos has made them very accessible and easy to follow. Cheers


Jamieon 8/12/11

5 test 2

on 8/12/11

5 test.

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