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Leak Finder Review - 'TensTT' $25NL ZOOM

Jon PokerVIP 4,140 Views 40:12 Duration

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Payout: 15,000€
Betfair €15,000 July Race 2
Jon PokerVIP
Jon PokerVIP
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10 years and over 10 million hands of cash game poker Jon-PokerVIP brings a wealth of experience to team VIP. If he isn't winning 150k a month prop hands challenges  then he will be probably posting in our forum, streaming on twitch or making coaching content for our members including over 100 free member hand review videos. You will find Jon playing midstakes games on all popular euro sites including Sky Poker, Microgaming and Unibet. You will find under names: TwerkMileyTwerk, Facepalm and PTJon. His straight forward idiot proof approach has helped Jon climb the levels over the years and has also helped him in the live poker arena recently finalling the Irish Open & the UKIPT.  Jon's top tips on how to succeed in Poker:  Take time to learn the game. Make the most of our poker school resources.  Be part of our forum community. Being surrounded by players in your shoes and then also by members who have succeeded will help you with your growth and motivation for the game. Play lots! Volume is key! Always think before acting. 2 seconds extra thinking can turn a losing play into a winning one.  Work harder than the next person. Just like anything whoever works the hardest will achieve the most. Have fun. Playing long hours of poker everyday can take its toll. Make sure you keep some love for the game and enjoy your days off. 

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Jon reviews a session played by new PokerVIP member 'TensTT' on Pokerstars - 2 Tables of $25NL Zoom Cash. Watch right to the end for an actionable conclusion of his leaks!

Poker Room:Pokerstars
Stakes: $0.10/0.25
Format: No Limit Hold'em ZOOM


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justcallmynameon 2/8/15

@28:40...I think its a fold for us..Villain could have a Q and a sneaky 4 too..we also lose to any JJ or any T with a better kicker..I think I wouldve called a half pot bet..I dont think fish bet out that much with an A or small pockets on that board..provided Villain was a fish


TensTTon 18/4/15

@barrabod AA is a clear call I think, because you've outs to a straight as well. If you've AA/KK with a diamond I think we can call here for sure. KK without a diamond becomes close but because there is only 1 overcard that can come (4 cards) compared with the 12 overcards possible to come while holding Jacks, KK becomes a call on the flop as well I think. Not really sure, any other thoughts on this?


BarraBodon 18/4/15

Easily exploitable in villains eyes tho. Any time a low flop comes He raises knowing you cant carry on on many turns. Maybe I should raise more low flops. What if you heald AA or KK?


Jon-PokerVIPon 17/4/15

Yep agree that it is a fold on the flop!


TensTTon 17/4/15

@barrabod Now I actually think this is a fold as well. I think we can call this kind of raises when we're in position; but oop I think we're never gonna get to showdown unless we turn a Jack or something... Do you agree on this @Jon-PokerVIP


BarraBodon 17/4/15

With the JJ hand at around 7mins. Villain raises flop and you say fold because there are a lot of bad turn cards. I find myself calling because villain can do this with over cards, over pairs and flush draws, is folding really the best choice?


Jon-PokerVIPon 17/4/15

@Jimbabwe: I agree many people have to many stats and don't use them correctly. However i feel TensTT is using them effectively so more power to him!


Jon-PokerVIPon 17/4/15

@MinerBoy23: Yeh in villains shoes it really sucks when we get jammed on but the only hand we can have that beats him is JQ. Obviously we could have AAA or KKK but we would generally 4 bet this hand pre flop so he can somewhat discount this. Also we should generally be folding JQ pre flop unless suited so it really is just that hand which he loses to.


TensTTon 16/4/15

@jimbabwe I use every stat frequently.and I don't think any of them are useless. And allright it takes a lot of space, but for me it isn't overwhelming and it helps me a lot! :)


Jimbabweon 16/4/15

Honestly it looks to me like your hud has much "useless" info for these stakes and takes a LOT of space... You would do fine even with just, for example, vpip/pfr/3bet/cbet/fcbet/agg/wtsd


TensTTon 16/4/15

@minerboy23 I think I really coolered him and really nothing he can do about it I guess...So with tens myself I would stack off yes.


MinerBoy23on 16/4/15

Question re: QJ v TT hand where stacked villain. Playing that hand from villains perspective, are you happy stacking off with TT there on the river or do you play that more cautiously when TensTT leads that river?


TensTTon 15/4/15

Really unfortunate that I can't join the staking because of my rubbish country :(


TensTTon 15/4/15

Thanks again Jon for doing this. Your positive words flatter me, but probably more important: the negative ones are really helping me. As you and others may have seen I've already started a topic on this before the video came online (as you can see in the link below) Next about the T9 on the QT4 Q 4 board in minute 27 or something: - I probably acted to fast indeed but at the time I was thinking he wouldn't take a r/c, b, x, b line against two players with worse. However I have a completely other opinion about this hand now. Should be a call... What I learned about this video is that even if you'r e getting the right price vs a threebet oop, you can fold some hands ... With the QJ on AK x x T board against the tens we suck out luckily for us, but with the AJ on the Jxx x x board vs the guy who small 4bet me and bet on flop, turn and river really small. I lost a pretty big percentage of my stack in that hand... Obviously I took a note on these guys, but I probably should be more think about relative hand strenghts compared with only considering the pot odds we get...

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