LuckyLuke Takes On The French: ā‚¬109 MTT Turbo Win

9,627 Views on 15/4/14

In this HH review video LuckyLuke takes to PokerStars.FR and takes on the french! Anaylzing each hand he played whilst explaining his reason behind each move! 

Site: PokerStars.FR

Format: MTT Turbo

Stakes: Mid/ā‚¬109

Stages: Early/Mid/Late


Luke H.

Hi everyone, Iā€™m Lucky Luke and I'm a teacher, writer and poker grinder from Oxford, UK. I'm an MTT player staked for mid to high stakes across all the main sites.   I play $5 - $215 freeze-outs, $1r - $11r and $22c typically, and ... Read More


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