PokerStars $100nl 6max Live Play Part 6

6,437 Views on 12/7/16

Darius brings you part 6 of how to beat regular 6 max NLHE games over on PokerStars. Using his cool head, years of experience and supreme confidence, he teaches you...

  • Exactly how to approach this player pool
  • Which HUD stats to use
  • And the most profitable pre and post flop lines you can take

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Darius Wajda

My name is Darius Wajda and I'm 26 year old cash grinder from Canada. I've been playing for 8 years and developed my poker skills playing sit'n'goes and then later on moved to cash games. I play mainly the 6max NLHE 100NL and 200NL games on ... Read More


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