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The Micro Stakes Review: Part 1

Adam Jones 8,558 Views 01:11:20 Duration

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I am of British nationality and go by the online alias w34z3l. I am considered one of the top consultants in the field for technical analysis (i.e. database work) and application of game theory concepts to various card games. I make a range of educational content (including the videos and articles here) helping players, software designers and card game enthusiasts to take their strategic understanding to the next level. My background in teaching helps me to communicate concepts effectively and clearly.Whether you are looking to generate a full-blown understanding of optimal strategy or simply pick up the skills to surprise your friends in a home game, feel free to contact me through the message system.

Adam plays an optimal and winning Microstakes strategy at BoylePoker. Applicable throughout the 6-Max Micro Games to secure a solid win rate.

Part 2 of the series 


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PokGodon 23/7/14

Ow sorry, I didn\'t hear the rest of the hand yet, You said your reasening :) I don\'t know if a lot of players are at that level yet.


PokGodon 23/7/14

Is a good vid, like the way you talk about ranges and about planning the hand from the flop given opponents ranges.

Only at 5:47 I was like, Whaaaaaat ? :) You played hand fine obv. on the river you say, I will bet small to get him to call with a K, 10-QQ, perfectly fine. But then you bet 3/4 of the pot wich for me is BIG on the river. I was more love a 1/2 pot bet to get him to call with these hands.


ferbowon 24/3/14

Thank you, thank you, thank you. One video of microstakes that you can actually follow (you hitting the pause botton makes such a big difference). I dont play regular tables but zoom, but sure all what was shown here aplies anyway. And also I realize I must get some (HUD?) software, as it seems to help so much. May I ask which one are you using or which one would you recommend for begginers? Looking forward to part 2!

on 3/2/12

Adam, this video is absolutely perfect for us micro players who want to start out small, but of course do not intend on recreational playing. The Articles you have written to are also of help. I really look forward to more videos! As you say, theres not many tutorials on limits this low.

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